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Total Approach to Basketball Conditioning

LaVall Jordan was elevated to the head basketball coach at Butler University in June 2017, and following his first season leading the Bulldogs, he decided to act on a vision he had for future Butler... more »

Boxing to Get Better

Strength coaches and coaches are always looking for unique activities that are not related specifically to the sport they are coaching, understanding that the more disimilar the activity is to the regular conditioning regimen, the... more »

Speed Testing Mastery

The new age of using analytics to measure athleticism has resulted in many metrics that strength/conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and coaches have at their disposal for studying athlete performance. Still, there's one constant in evaluating... more »

Charting Progress

The University of Nebraska volleyball team has been one of the most dominant squads in NCAA Division I over the past decade. A secret to its success is its use of the Husker Power Performance Index.

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9 questions to consider when adapting training programs

Whenever strength coaches are considering altering or adding to their training programs, they should first ask themselves these nine questions… more »

Extra Inspiration

After their strength coach was hospitalized with a stroke, the boys’ basketball team at Valley Christian Academy, in Roseville, Calif., pulled off an upset victory in his honor.


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Prioritizing hip strength in training programs

Though it’s an often-overlooked area in the weight room, the hips are vital for explosiveness and overall athletic performance.
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Dynamic Effort Method can serve athletes well

The Dynamic Effort Method, or quickly lifting a submaximal load, is a training method typically used by powerlifters. But it also can help athletes… more »

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