Injury Prevention

Researchers: Competitive gaming needs new protocols in sports medicine

Competitive gaming athletes have reported issues of eye fatigue, neck and back pain, wrist pain, and cramping, highlighting the need for medical treatment… more »

Safety in the weight room

Safety in the weight room can’t be ignored by strength coaches. Here are some tips to avoid injuries during squats, deadlifts and cleans… more »

Study highlights ties between specialization and baseball injuries

The Journal of Athletic Training today released “Sport Specialization and Increased Injury Frequency in Youth Baseball Players: A Prospective Study.”.. more »

NATA offers recommendations to reduce specialization-related injuries

The NATA releases an official statement with health-focused recommendations to reduce the risk of injury due to youth sports specialization… more »

Considering a Male Athlete Triad

Almost 25 years ago, the Female Athlete Triad was identified, and it’s become a well-known concept in sports medicine circles. A new paper has proposed that a similar condition presenting with deficits in nutrition, reduction in sex hormones, and/or impaired bone health may also affect male athletes… more »

Doc on Deck: Ankle injuries in youth sports

Athletes, coaches, parents and fans want thee winning edge. Well, as athletic trainers, we can be that edge. The level of care that we are able to provide for our athletes and patients, can be the difference in the next touchdown, buzzer beater or first place medal… more »

A Solution for Playing with a Tooth Injury

An athlete on an NCAA Division I women’s lacrose team sustained an injury to her teeth during a game, and I was working at the school during that time. The player was struck in the mouth with the butt end of a stick and sustained a posterior subluxation to her two front upper teeth (the central incisors)… more »

The Debate on Cupping as a Treatment Tool

Cupping is a technique for treating muscle pain, soreness and stiffness that has been around for thousands of years; it's mentioned in one of the oldest medical textbooks in the Western world, The Ebers Papyrus,... more »

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