Injury Rehabilitation

How the University of Montana uses aquatic therapy to treat and prevent injuries (sponsored)

The AquaFit has expanded the University of Montana’s ability to treat and prevent athletic injuries. Here’s how they’re doing it… more »

Controlling inflammation, reducing pain and increasing healing (sponsored)

Medical professionals at every level of sport are turning to advanced wound care products to simplify the process of healing athletes… more »

Researchers: Competitive gaming needs new protocols in sports medicine

Competitive gaming athletes have reported issues of eye fatigue, neck and back pain, wrist pain, and cramping, highlighting the need for medical treatment… more »

Better Than Ice: The best way to reduce inflammation from injury or surgery

{Sponsored} Research says that good circulation is essential to healing, and other research says cooling therapy is important for the healing process. Cooling relieves pain and inflammation. Common injuries for athletes include all extremities: knees,... more »

Post-operative rehab following hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy refers to the viewing of the intra-articular aspect of the hip joint with the use of a small camera, the “scope.”
.. more »

Laser vs. Shockwave: What’s best for soft tissue injuries?

Lasers and shockwave: While both can be effective to treat soft tissue injuries, how do they work and what conditions they are best suited for each?.. more »

Ohio high school athlete returns after battle with exertional compartment syndrome

A battle with exertional compartment syndrome threatened to keep Brooke Peters, a senior midfielder for Anderson High School, off the soccer pitch… more »

Net Impact

At Idaho State University, a tennis player recently faced a potentially career-ending shoulder injury but was able to recover. This case study shows how patience, consistent rehab, and the occasional chocolate all played a role… more »

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