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10 Power Principles Series: Building Balanced Strength Programs

Following a highly valuable 2021 webinar titled “Training Athletes According to 10 Principles for Game-Applicable Power,” decorated strength coach Boyd Epley gathers four more strength coaches and sports performance specialists to discuss the importance of applying the remaining power principles to any athletics program. Each panelist will share their input on how to structure a strength program using a variety of training techniques for efficient and effective practices.

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Athlete Supplementation: The Science, Safety and Regulations

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There are tens of thousands of dietary supplements available, many with grandiose promises, leaving many athletes and coaches uncertain what the best options are. Adding to this uncertainty and confusion, athletes and coaches have strict guidelines to follow around dietary supplements. To help navigate this world of dietary supplements for collegiate athletes, Registered Dietitians, Dr. Chris Mohr and Dana Angelo White, who is also a certified athletic trainer, will discuss research and evidence around some of the more popular dietary supplements, along with offering best practices for supplement administration as well as explore some of the most important regulations and FAQs for collegiate athletes and support staff.


Learning Objectives:
1. Understand policies and regulations regarding dietary supplement use for NCAA athletes
2. Understand the role of the dietary supplement compliance coordinator within the collegiate sports medicine team.
3. Identify and discuss existing scientific literature around popular dietary supplements

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Training Athletes According to 10 Principles for Game-Applicable Power

Boyd Epley (and assistant Mike Arthur) taught and established ten power principles to follow when creating a cornerstone strength and conditioning program. During his decorated career at the University of Nebraska, athletes trained in accordance with the effective principles. Now, millions of student-athletes around the world have trained in programs applying the ten principles that focus on building muscle and increasing power. Join Boyd Epley and a panelist of four experienced strength training professionals to hear how they’ve successfully adopted the principles and how your team can apply them for game-winning performance. This webinar is sponsored by Matrix Fitness and hosted by Training & Conditioning’s Wesley Sykes.

• Diane Banderas, Director of Sports Performance at The Xplosive Edge
• Greg Werner, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Women’s Basketball at Virginia Tech
• Kevin Coleman, Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Football at University of Kansas
• Jamie Belt, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Boxing with current client Terrance Crawford

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