Mar 15, 2023
Researchers study mental impact on athletic performance

University of Birmingham researchers have found that after performing a mentally challenging task, individuals found physical exercise to be more difficult.

This comes by way of a new study that asked 16 men and women to examine the effects of how mental fatigue may change the perception of physical exertion.

researchersA recent story from detailed the University of Birmingham study’s findings.

Below is an excerpt from the story.

The participants completed a 90-minute mental exercise before performing a series of weight-lifting repetitions. A control group was assigned to watch neutral videos before exercising.

A second experiment involved a series of resistance training exercises, followed by cognitive tasks and then a 20-minute cycling trial.

In both experiments, the experts found that mentally fatigued participants had an increased sense of exertion during physical exercise. While cycling, the individuals who had also performed mental exercises had less power and covered less distance.

According to the results from researchers, it would be beneficial for athletes to take the effects of mental fatigue into account during training.

To read the full story from about the story, click here

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