June/July 2024 (Vol. XXXIV, No. 3)

Breathing drills offer a low-level, high-impact ritual for resilience and rejuvenation

As strength and conditioning coaches and performance enhancement specialists, we have cornered the market on high-threshold programming. We know full well how to rev our athletes up. But amidst all the 1RM testing, vertical jumps, 40-yard sprints, and other tests of intensity, have we forgotten a variable? That variable can be loosely referred to as […]

Practical programming for young strength coaches

Young coaches must grasp simple training concepts, such as progression and overloading. While all experiences should help them build out their coaching toolbox, not all tools need to be used, and your tools evolve with time. Some simple words a mentor of mine once told me, “The more I learn, the more I realize I […]

Q&ATC with NYSATA president Lauren Stephenson, MA, ATC

The New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association (NYSATA) named Lauren Stephenson, athletic trainer at SUNY Oneonta Athletics, as the president of the organization in November 2022.  Stephenson decided to go into athletic training as it combined her love of medicine, specifically emergency medicine, with sports and being a part of a team. She enjoys making […]

The evolution of the football speed coach

The game of football continues to evolve. Twenty-first-century players are bigger, faster, and stronger. But of these three physical traits, speed remains the most coveted. In 1975, the Dallas Cowboys hired Bob Ward as the strength & conditioning (S&C) coach. Ward was not only a football guy having played collegiately and coached high school but […]

Three ways to identify nutritional misinformation on social media

With every swipe and scroll there is a new diet trend, miracle supplement, or fitness influencer promising the secret to peak performance and gains. At the height of false internet claims, sports dietitians have first-hand experience working with athletes attempting to make informed dietary decisions. Read on for a sports dietitian’s top three things to […]

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