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Build Endurance with this Weight-Free Strength-Training Workout

Looking for a strength-training workout that doesn't require any weights or bands? Ela Dugan, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach in Massachusetts has you covered. In a recent article in Runner's World, Dugan shared... more »

Speed Kills: Incorporating agility training give programs an edge

Nowadays, every athlete is bigger, stronger, and faster than those from previous generations.  Offensive linemen, once thought of as the “hogs” of the football team, are running sub-five second 40-yard dashes and sub-eight second three-cone... more »

Athletic trainers jump to COVID-19 frontlines

Athletic trainers, much like many in the world of athletics, have been shut out of doing their everyday jobs. But trainers, among other healthcare professionals, in Ohio are being retrained and redeployed to the frontlines... more »

Adding variety to in-season training programs

In-season training is often toned down and can be boring and repetitive. So, how do you mix things up keep players engaged? By adding a little variety… more »

Lacrosse: Training players for speed and strength

Lacrosse players need tremendous strength, power and flexibility in the kinetic chain. Here are essential training tips for strength coaches… more »

Strength coaches roundtable: Using analytics in training

In our 2019 strength coaches roundtable, Training & Conditioning looks at the ways information and analytics influence how athletes train… more »

Foot speed and coordination with jump rope

By working on foot speed and coordination with a jump rope before every strength session for five minutes, you’ll see significant athletic improvement… more »

Put smiles into your in-season training program

In-season training is necessary if your team wants to finish the season strong. The focus of the season obviously has to be on actual game competitions and sports practice… more »

Introducing power training to young athletes

It’s important to remember that the definition of strength is force X distance, while power, is defined as force X distance divided by time. The difference is the time element. In other words, how fast force can be applied. The term speed strength is often used to describe power… more »

Training the Hip: Why It’s Important

When was the last time you heard an athlete say they needed to work on strengthening their hips? Rare is the athlete who thinks about training this vital area. Instead, they often focus on training... more »

Warm Up for Athletes: Starting a Great Training Session

To build the perfect training program, strength and conditioning professionals make many tailor-made considerations for their athletes. Settling on the right exercise selection, training volume, and load volume can be painstakingly time-consuming and difficult. However,... more »

Prioritizing hip strength in training programs

Though it’s an often-overlooked area in the weight room, the hips are vital for explosiveness and overall athletic performance.
.. more »

Striking a Balance: Overtraining in strength programs

How far is too far when pushing athletes in training? In this roundtable, five strength coaches discuss programming without overtraining… more »

Above and Beyond: Inside strength training for Stanford University volleyball

Dedicated athlete monitoring during the season allows Stanford University women’s volleyball to reach higher in the weightroom and make strength gains… more »

Training to Failure

There is a widespread belief that training to failure is an effective way to maximize strength gains. But recent research suggests this might not be the case… more »

Drive to Succeed: Gonzaga men’s basketball training

Travis Knight, assistant strength and conditioning coach at Gonzaga University, breaks down his training with the Bulldogs men’s basketball team… more »

Versatile Training Equipment

As a strength coach at Millville (N.J.) High School, Dan Richter works with a wide variety of athletes. On any particular day, he may go from a session with freshmen who are strength training for... more »

Versatile Training Equipment

As a strength coach at Millville (N.J.) High School, Dan Richter works with a wide variety of athletes. On any particular day, he may go from a session with freshmen who are strength training for... more »

Tennis Training

Swinging a tennis racket is a full-body movement that requires a variety of muscles to work together from head to toe… more »

In-season gains: Inside Georgia football strength training

The Georgia football strength training program is designed in a way that actually increases player strength during the season. Here’s how it’s done… more »

Jumping Power

Plyometrics help build explosive power, which is exactly what volleyball players need to succeed on the court. These exercises will make a great addition to your regular training program… more »

Jumping for Power

If you want your athletes to be more explosive in their sport, consider adding the depth jump to their workout regimen… more »

Power Through Jumps

Using jump training is a great way to improve power. Here’s a look at the difference between countermovement and static jumps, and how to implement them in your program… more »

In The Fast Lane: Addressing speed in training

Having quick, agile athletes should be a focus for every strength program. We asked a roundtable of experts how they satisfy the need for speed… more »

Sound as a Training Tool

Coaches routinely use video in the weightroom to help their athletes improve. But have you ever thought of using audio in a similar way?.. more »

Hydro-Inertia Training Circuit

The GoalsThe primary goal of this program is to create a circuit that is simple, functional, and progressive. Using the Kamagon Ball® and Surge®, these water filled tools from Hedstrom Fitness will allow trainers and... more »

Contrast Training

Penn State women’s volleyball is one of the top-ranked teams year in and out. In the preseason, its strength coach utilizes contrast training to enhance rate of force production and jumping performance… more »

Training With Weighted Compression Gear

The world of sports and fitness is ultra-competitive. Athletes pursue every type of advantage to perform and feel their best. People try everything from advanced workout regimens to performance enhancing “supplements” to gain that competitive edge. Many harmful side effects emerge from some of these tactics, but there still a few products that promote the health of athletes while maximizing performance in a safe manner.

.. more »

Hydro Power: Using the pool in strength training

The pool is great for rehab, but how about making it a part of the strength training program? Here are some tips and program design ideas… more »

Youth Bodyweight Training

By Marc Lebert

When it comes to youth conditioning, most coaches would agree that young athletes should master bodyweight training before external loading. Before we learn to lift a weight, we have to first be proficient at moving our bodies. .. more »

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