Jan 29, 2021
Training the Lower Body for Power

Building explosive lower body power is essential for high performance in sports such as football, basketball, and hockey. Your core and lower body, where your center of gravity resides, are the foundation of your strength and power. Increasing explosiveness there will help you achieve success in the weight room and on the field.

A recent article on Stack.com broke down some lower body exercises that can help build explosive strength and power.

Below is an excerpt from that article.

  • lower bodySled Pushes — It’s not only a great lower-body workout but also fun to do. They focus on building quadriceps and gluteus maximus strength and power. This is a staple exercise for football, sprinting, and basketball.  Keep low to maintain a strong center of gravity and explode forward, driving your knees. Push the sled 50 yards; that is one set. Perform 4×50 yards.
  • Sled Pulls — These provide essentially the same benefits as Sled Pushes, except the resistance is behind you. They require slightly different muscle activation to pull the weight rather than push it. Although you still primarily use your quadriceps, your hamstring muscles are activated more than with Sled Pushes. Sled Pulls will greatly increase your explosive power and speed on the field or track.
  • Tire Flips — Tire Flips are another staple of training for football and basketball because they require a great deal of strength and power. This lower and upper body workout will help you blow by any opponent. Lift the tire explosively using your legs and hips, not your back.
  • Barbell Hang Cleans — Like Tire Flips, these build explosive strength and power in both the lower and upper body. The movement requires coordination and total body muscle activation to perform correctly and produce maximum force. Whether you’re jumping up to block a shot or blocking a lineman, this translates directly to in-game situations.
  • Medicine Ball Slams — These build explosive pulling strength in both the legs and arms. They also engage the core, essential for performing all athletic movements. Sports whose athletes benefit most from this exercise include basketball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer (for throw-ins).

To read the full story from Stack.com on building explosive power in the lower body, click here

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