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Ready for the Next Level

For high school seniors looking to continue their sport in college, there is important work they should be doing in the weight room to prepare… more »

Caught in a Crowd

In high school and small-college settings, strength coaches can find themselves training 30 to 40 athletes without any assistance. What are ways to keep your head above water?.. more »

Masks with Meaning

Motivating football players in the weightroom during the offseason can be an uphill battle. There are endless distractions and the workouts can start to feel monotonous. Linton-Stockton (Ind.) High School has hit upon a remedy — the awarding of blue facemasks to players who reach ambitious offseason goals… more »

East Meets West

Many athletic trainers have dual credentials, and some have more than two. But Jody Murray, LAc, ATC, LAT, is one of a select few who have licenses in both athletic training and acupuncture… more »

Ankle Strength

Running, jumping, and cutting can put ankles under a lot of stress, making them susceptible to injury. That’s why these ankle-strengthening exercises are essential for keeping athletes healthy and performing their best… more »

Prepared for an Upset

 Over the years, many products have been developed to make things easier for coaches. Whether it’s breaking down video, charting plays, scouting opponents, or drawing playbooks, coaches can now do twice as much in  half... more »

Preventing ACL Injuries

Females are up to eight times more likely to fall victim to an ACL injury, which is why several programs have arisen specifically to prevent ACL tears… more »

Lower Body Strength

Renowned strength coach Mike Boyle provides advice on training the lower body, including how to use corrective exercises to fix deficiencies… more »

Lunging for Gold

Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson made history with her shootout goal to carry the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team to its first Olympic gold medal in 20 years. What got her there was a lot of work off the ice, especially one exercise in particular… more »

Monitoring in Team Sports on a Budget

The following is an excerpt from Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes by Mike McGuiganFor the purposes of this discussion, baseball, American football, rugby union, rugby league, basketball, volleyball, netball, handball, Australian rules football, ice hockey,... more »

Treating the Athlete: A Smarter Return

When it comes to treating an athlete with a concussion, most athletic trainers are focused on return-to-play protocols. Those ahead of the curve are implementing a return-to-learn process, too… more »

Sport Specific: Broad Strokes

With three carefully cultivated training cycles, the offseason program for University of California men’s and women’s swimming has a wide reach… more »

Optimum Performance: Managed Approach

Prescribing the right workload in training can make the difference between success and failure for the athlete. To get there, avoid these six common programming errors… more »

Push Forward, Part 4

Incorporating curiosity and joy into a strength and conditioning program can motivate athletes and help change their behaviors. Here are five specific tactics Strength Coach Ron McKeefery uses… more »

A Leg Up

Thanks to an innovative idea by a University of Virginia startup, athletic trainers may soon be able to see muscle patterns in action… more »

Analyze and Implement

With tools provided by these companies, strength/conditioning and sports medicine professionals can easily compile and evaluate data on their athletes' training and performance to help give them a leg up on the competition.Unlock GreatnessAthletes perform... more »

Ankle Strength

Running, jumping, and cutting can put ankles under a lot of stress, making them susceptible to injury. That’s why these ankle strengthening exercises are essential for keeping athletes healthy and performing their best… more »

Explosive Exercises

Athletes with explosive power will be prepared for the demands of competition, whatever the sport. Here are some exercises to build it… more »

In-Season Program, Part 4

In our final look at the training program for Villanova University men’s basketball, we provide a sample workout that has a lower-body emphasis… more »

ACL Position Statement

The NATA has unveiled its new position statement, “Prevention of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury,” which will also appear in the January 2018 Journal of Athletic Training… more »

Focus on the Shoulder

If you’re looking for a way to build athletes’ shoulder stability while also strengthening their core, consider adding the landmine press to your weightroom workout… more »

In-Season Program, Part 3

In this third installment detailing the training program for Villanova University men’s basketball, we look at the last two phases… more »

All in the Hips

Hips are the driving force behind a variety of athletic movements. In order to provide strength to this important area, consider incorporating the following exercises into your training program… more »

In-Season Program, Part 2

Last week, we introduced the strength training philosophy for the Villanova University men’s basketball team. This week, we take a look at Phase 1 of the program… more »

Olympic Value

Olympic-style weightlifting has become a popular training tool for many athletes, and with good reason. There are a number of benefits to these types of exercises and they can be easily adapted to the demands of each sport… more »

Strong Knees

Basketball players need strong, resilient knees in order to perform and stay healthy. Here are some knee-strengthening exercises that will help prepare them for the demands of the sport… more »

Recipe for Success

Mix one part California State University, Northridge Athletics with one part on-campus nutrition and dietetics center, and the finished product is a collaboration that’s benefiting athletes, students, and the broader community… more »

Train Smart to Perform Stronger

Are you looking to build stronger, more competitive athletes? Invest in your training success with methods you already know, and some you may not have tried, to build your best, strongest self.Let’s start with the basic... more »

AT to AD to AT

At Coe College, John Chandler started as Head Athletic Trainer and then switched to Athletic Director. Now, he’s back in the sports medicine facility… more »

Foam Rolling Improves Flexibility and Performance

This is an excerpt from Complete Guide to Foam Rolling by Kyle Stull.Foam Rolling and FlexibilityA review of literature published in Current Sports Medicine Reports (ACSM) (Schroeder & Best, 2015) found that foam rolling appears to have... more »

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