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From Hospital Admin to Speed Coach: Phil Campbell’s sprint science journey

{Sponsored} After a quarter century as a hospital administrator and part-time speed coach, Phil Campbell jumped into full-time coaching. Campbell has now trained thousands of athletes, including well-known clients Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis and... more »

The Hybrid Squat: A valuable asset to improve power, speed

The hybrid squat is an exercise that combines a single-leg squat and a single-leg deadlift. Learn how it can be effective in your strength program… more »

Forgetting the feet: How foot care is overlooked

Athletes often neglect their feet, requiring more education from athletic trainers. Here’s why foot care can be so hard for your athletes… more »

Study: Multisport females have decreased likelihood for knee, hip injuries

The Journal of Athletic Training today released “Sport Specialization and Coordination Differences in Multisport Adolescent Female Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball Athletes” as part of its special thematic issue focused on youth sport specialization… more »

Better Than Ice: The best way to reduce inflammation from injury or surgery

{Sponsored} Research says that good circulation is essential to healing, and other research says cooling therapy is important for the healing process. Cooling relieves pain and inflammation. Common injuries for athletes include all extremities: knees,... more »

‘The Oak Hill Grind’

At the Oak Hill Academy, our basketball team designs our preseason workout program as competitions, making athletes stronger, resilient and explosive… more »

NATA calls for heat-readiness to protect student athletes

Just prior to its annual convention the NATA called for all sports organizations to evaluate their readiness to prevent and treat exertional heat stroke, one of the three leading causes of death in sports. 

.. more »

Step By Step

Cutting, sprinting, jumping, landing — athletes rely on their ankles for a lot. In this three-part article, athletic trainers share how they managed a trio of different ankle injuries… more »

Personifying Grit and Perseverance

 Chris Kildow, the builder of the Muscle Milk® Brand and one of the leaders in the advancement of the sports nutrition category during the last 20 years, passed away in March after a courageous battle... more »

Doc on Deck: Ankle injuries in youth sports

Athletes who suffer ankle injuries are often given suggestions for treatment that won’t do them any favors. Here is what should be done to help them heal… more »

The muscle clean & snatch

Many people think the muscle clean and snatch are simple, but strength coaches spend a great deal of time teaching them and cleaning up errors… more »

Don’t Forget to Strengthen the Hip

For most sports, enhancing hip strength and power is a key aspect of improving performance. Strong hips are required to transfer force effectively from the lower body to the upper body in many sports, including... more »

Speed Testing Mastery

The new age of using analytics to measure athleticism has resulted in many metrics that strength/conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and coaches have at their disposal for studying athlete performance. Still, there's one constant in evaluating... more »

Are ice baths really effective as treatment?

Are ice baths really effective as a way to reduce inflammation of those sore muscles? We take a look at what the research is saying… more »

Charting Progress

The University of Nebraska volleyball team has been one of the most dominant squads in NCAA Division I over the past decade. A secret to its success is its use of the Husker Power Performance Index.

.. more »

Dynamic Effort Method can serve athletes well

The Dynamic Effort Method, or quickly lifting a submaximal load, is a training method typically used by powerlifters. But it also can help athletes… more »

Medicine ball exercises for athletes at every skill level

Effective medicine ball exercises for athletes at beginning, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Learn how to implement them in your training program… more »

Volleyball: Improving on-the-court quickness

A rundown of four practice drills that volleyball coaches can use to improve the on-court quickness and agility of their players. .. more »

Vegan diets can come with nutrient deficiencies

Vegan diets have become increasingly popular in the athletic community. However, they require education, planning and the input of a sports dietitian… more »

Reinforcing fundamental movements in athletes

Fundamental movement skills like running, backpedaling or decelerating seem like they should come naturally. But that’s not always the case… more »

Girls’ Night

Performance combines for teenage athletes have become common, but Thibodaux (La.) Regional Medical Center recently put a new spin on the concept by holding one just for female athletes. 


.. more »

Get the Ball Rolling

As youth sports has expanded, so has the desire to incorporate sports medicine and strength and conditioning initiatives with these athletes. Here’s how one club kick-started such efforts… more »

Husker Power Performance Index measures talent, development

Walk into the Nebraska volleyball locker room, and you’ll see a wall celebrating the team’s top-ranked players in the Husker Power Performance Index… more »

5 basic exercises that produce results

Basic exercises are often the most effective. There are a handful of simple yet effective exercises that are easy to learn and require minimal equipment… more »

Sheriff Steps Up

After learning that the weight training equipment at SouthWest Edgecombe (N.C.) High School was over 30 years old, the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office found a way to replace a dozen pieces.

.. more »

4 plyometric exercises for basketball players

Jacky Anderson provides a guide for how to incorporate plyometrics into your basketball team’s strength and conditioning program… more »

Called Up to the Pros

Fostering relationships with mentors is a great step in developing your career. For one Mercyhurst University athletic trainer, it also led to a summer spent working in the NFL.    

.. more »

Prioritizing Recovery

Saturday morning workshops at one upstate New York clinic are helping high school athletes avoid injuries by focusing on stretching, nutrition, and rest.

.. more »

Olympic Plan

They can take some time to master, but Olympic-style weightlifting exercises can play a major role in improving overall athleticism… more »

3 drills to develop athlete agility

Here are three agility drills that strength and conditioning coaches can use to help their programs create more agile athletes… more »

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