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In the Swing

The kettlebell swing can be a great exercise for many athletes, as it provides conditioning, strengthens the core, and builds power in the hips… more »

Swing for the Fences

A fall offseason strength and conditioning program centered on developing team culture, whole-body power, and speed has Texas A&M University baseball players ready to knock it out of the park come spring… more »

Catching Up with Vern Gambetta

For longtime readers of Training & Conditioning, Vern Gambetta’s byline is as familiar as a comfortable pair of gym shoes. After writing his first article for our magazine in 1992, Gambetta, MA, quickly became the most prolific author to grace our pages. A pioneer in the strength training profession and considered the founding father of functional training, he has offered cutting-edge viewpoints on everything from sport-specific speed training to using slide boards… more »

Irish Intensity

At the University of Notre Dame, a finely tuned training program helped the volleyball team finish 30-4 last season, its best record in over a decade.

By Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph, MS, CSCS, SCCC, is an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Notre Dame. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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From Low to High

The University of Kentucky’s strength and conditioning program for volleyball has helped athletes go from dig to spike–and from losing to winning–in record time.
By Stephanie Tracey-Simmons

Stephanie Tracey-Simmons, SCCC, CSCS, is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports at the University of Kentucky. She previously worked as a strength coach at UCLA and was an outside hitter for Ohio University. She can be reached at: [email protected].

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To New Heights

Improving an athlete’s jumping ability means taking into consideration speed-to-intensity ratios, inhibitory deceleration, eccentric stretch, and the use of plyometrics. But it starts with the proper foundation of strength.
By Jeff Connors

Jeff Connors, MS, MSCC, is Assistant Athletic Director for Strength and Conditioning at the University of North Carolina. He served as Director of Strength and Conditioning at East Carolina University for 10 years and at Bucknell University for four years. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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Golden Opportunity

How do you turn a devastating knee injury into a positive? By treating it as an opportunity to take an athlete to new heights.
By Bill Knowles

Bill Knowles, ATC, CSCS, a Sports Performance and Sports Rehabilitation Specialist, is the Director of iSPORT Training at iSPORT in Killington, Vt. He can be reached through the group Web site at:
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Kicking It Up

To optimize skills while preventing ACL tears and other common injuries, Boston University developed a successful women’s soccer training program based on the sport’s unique physical demands and injury risk factors.
By Victor Brown III

Victor Brown III, MS, ATC, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, is Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boston University. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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The Press Is On

With the latest research into compression’s effects and benefits, science is learning more and more about why many athletes today consider compression wear to be standard equipment.
By Kyle Garratt

Kyle Garratt is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning. He can be reached at: [email protected].

A generation ago, if you saw athletes competing in ultra-tight apparel that compressed the skin beneath it, chances are they were gymnasts. The form-fitting material was perfect for a sport that emphasizes aesthetics.
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Strong Foundation

In our roundtable discussion on successfully training the lower body, five leading strength and conditioning coaches share their secrets.
By R.J. Anderson

R.J. Anderson is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning. He can be reached at: [email protected].

OUR PANEL.. more »

Special Delivery

At Texas Christian University, pitchers are trained to be fast, powerful, and explosive, while also taking into account rotational demands and individual imbalance issues.

By Zach Dechant

Zach Dechant, SCCC, USAW, is an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Texas Christian University, where he oversees athlete performance for the baseball team and assists with football. For more information on strength and conditioning from Zach, visit his blog at:

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Bulletin Board

Challenging the Media
When journalists attend a sports team’s practice, their job is usually to sit, observe, and take notes. But for one day last fall, media members covering the Indiana University men’s basketball team did none of those things. Instead, they ran, jumped, lifted, and sweat–a lot.
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Ready for Blast Off

Training explosiveness can include everything from Olympic lifts to plyometrics. Five top strength coaches go into detail on methods, specific exercises, and their philosophies… more »

Best nutritional practices for building power in athletes

Athletes usually have a common goal when reaching out to a performance dietitian: to improve their nutrition to succeed in their sport.  Most sports require power in some shape or form whether that’s exploding across... more »

Study: Biomechanical traits of the best free throw shooters

Basketball season is in full swing, and in a close game, the team that makes the highest percentage of free throws can often eke out the win. A better understanding of the precise biomechanics of... more »

Caffeine, Pre-workout, and Energy Drinks – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Hanny Podgurski, MS, RD Written by a Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association Registered Dietitian (RD). To learn more about sports nutrition and CPSDA, go to Student-athletes balance training, lifts, class schedules, and a... more »

Practical application of VBT to improve strength & conditioning

Delve into the scientific principles underpinning Velocity-Based Training (VBT) and its application in strength and conditioning programs. Gain insights into monitoring and adapting training loads for enhanced athlete performance. Discover practical tips for integrating VBT... more »

Comprehensive Plan for Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning

The goal every year working with the University of Florida Gymnastics Team is to win championships while minimizing injuries. My role as their strength and conditioning coach was to... more »

Inside the K-State ‘Shark Week’ conditioning sessions

The Kansas State men's basketball team recently completed its off-season conditioning program, affectionately dubbed "Shark Week." Shark Week is eight hours across five days and features a bevy of conditioning drills to prepare the Wildcats... more »

How West Virginia Develops Football Players

The goal of the strength and conditioning program at West Virginia University is to provide our student-athletes with the highest physical and mental preparedness on the field of competition.  My goal is for our football... more »

A strength coach’s contribution to an NFL Hall of Famer

It's what every strength coach strives for—watching the student-athletes they work with develop and maximize their athletic career and receive the type of recognition the athlete dreamed about. Kelly Neuhauser got to experience this recently,... more »

Athletic Mindset impacts student-athlete mental health

The Athletic Mindset Assessment believes everyone has the potential for greatness—you just have to know how best to tap into it. That’s why they created this affordable yet powerful software that gives you all the... more »

When To Effectively Utilize Dynamic Stretches

In preparation for a workout, whether it may be a weightlifting session or cardio-based, nothing serves the tactical athlete any better than a well-devised session of dynamic stretches.  Dynamic stretches, as the name implies, indicate... more »

How to build speed and power in MMA athletes

MMA strength and conditioning training is a specialized form of training that combines a variety of exercises, drills, and techniques to help fighters reach peak physical performance. As the name implies, it involves strength and... more »

Army ATC Saves Hockey Player’s Life after Inadvertent Neck Slash

When an Army hockey player had his neck slashed inadvertently during a hockey game against Sacred Heart, the Black Knights athletic trainer's quick actions saved a life in early January. Rachel Leahy, a second-year athletic... more »

Does Sport Specialization Lead to Overuse Injuries?

According to research from the National Council of Youth Sports, sports specialization leads to higher injury rates – particularly overuse injuries. Orthopedic surgeon Rowland B. Mayor, MD, adult and pediatric sports medicine specialist with Hartford HealthCare’s Bone &... more »

ATC Saves Student’s Life at Homecoming Dance with CPR

The quick actions of an Illinois athletic trainer saved the life of a high school senior after she collapsed during the school's homecoming dance in September. Nicole Collins, the athletic trainer at Geneva (IL) High... more »

3 Ways to Build Athleticism in Basketball Players

Basketball season is right around the corner, and, if you haven't already, now is the perfect time to begin building your foundation of athleticism. A recent story from highlighted three ways basketball players can... more »

What’s Best for ACL Tear — Repair or Reconstruction?

Adults who tear a key ligament in the knee can fare well with a less extensive type of surgery, preliminary research suggests. A recent article from HealthDay News outlined the findings of the study. Below... more »

Building Speed in the Trenches

Life happens pretty fast when playing in the trenches. Massive bodies colliding through an explosive burst, jockeying for positioning for 50 to 100 snaps a game. In football, success and failure are delineated by a... more »

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