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Called Up to the Pros

Fostering relationships with mentors is a great step in developing your career. For one Mercyhurst University athletic trainer, it also led to a summer spent working in the NFL… more »

Prioritizing Recovery

Saturday morning workshops at one upstate New York clinic are helping high school athletes avoid injuries by focusing on stretching, nutrition, and rest… more »

Work in Progress: Addressing physical and mental rehab

When an athlete faces one injury after another, recovery is an ongoing process. But as this athletic trainer discovered, open communication and consistent check-ins can make the journey smoother… more »

Girls’ Night

Hospital-sponsored performance combines for teenage athletes have become common. However, Thibodaux (La.) Regional Medical Center recently put a new spin on the concept by holding the first-ever Female Athlete Expo on April 12, which featured testing, talks, and empowerment all geared to young women… more »

Break Out the Bands

Resistance band exercises can make a great addition to any athlete’s workout regimen. Here are some of the best ones to consider… more »

The Right Ratio

When trying to design an intense workout for your athletes, knowing what work-to-rest ratio to use can be key… more »

The Total Soccer Player

Soccer players obviously do a lot with their legs, but developing strength throughout the body is key to succeeding in every aspect of the game… more »

Managed Approach, Part 2

Optimizing workloads is a constant battle between pushing athletes and providing enough recovery. There are several mistakes coaches tend to make in this area… more »

Exploding Myths

Shane Trotter, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Mansfield (Texas) High School, busts several important misconceptions about training younger athletes… more »

Armed & Ready, Part 5

At Texas Tech University, offseason training for baseball players is divided into four training blocks. Block four incorporates post-activation potentiation (PAP)… more »

Dr. AT

Pursuing a doctorate in athletic training can be personally and professionally challenging on many levels, but — as this athletic trainer found out — also well worth it… more »

Learning the Ropes

The jump rope is a simple yet effective tool for improving foot speed and coordination, both essential skills for many sports… more »

Aqua Creek: Creating a “Tidalwave”

When Aqua Creek Products jumped into the industry in 2002, the company’s mission was simple: to provide high quality aquatic access equipment to a wide range of users, from casual swimmers to aquatic therapy patients.Before... more »

Ready for Football

While many sophisticated, position-specific football training programs have been developed, there are also some great exercises that all players can benefit from… more »

Putting on the Brakes

How can you help your athletes build their agility? Consider trading some cone and ladder drills for deceleration exercises… more »

A Year of Pitch Counts

This spring marked the first high school baseball season with nationwide pitch count rules, put in place by the NFHS to curtail arm injuries. The new requirement was applauded by many but did bring up some questions and unforeseen consequences… more »

Armed & Ready, Part 2

Last week, we introduced the offseason strength training regimen for the Texas Tech University baseball team. This week, we take a look at the program’s first training block… more »

Building a Strong Base

For athletes new to the weightroom, it’s essential that they start by building base level strength before progressing to more demanding exercises. This strength and conditioning coach explains how to make that happen… more »

Improve Return to Play and Prevent Future Injury

Up your game (and theirs) with functional training solutions that go beyond their expectations. Introducing the new Recovery Series from Total Gym. Play a pivotal role in their recovery, getting them back in the game more... more »

In Full Swing

A look at fascial stretch therapy (FST), a new technique that moves and stretches the body’s fascia and joint capsules… more »

Focus on Fitness

A look at the UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind initiative, which provides high schools with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art fitness program… more »

What’s Your Philosophy?

In the third installment about developing a weight training philosophy, our expert explains how to go about developing your own… more »

Care During a Crisis

When a young girl experienced a cardiac event on the baseball field, this high school athletic trainer immediately took action. Here, she shares what was going through her mind as she worked to save the victim’s life. 

.. more »

Perfectly Positioned

A year-round training regimen that develops strength, power, speed, and agility ensures the University of Oregon softball team is ready to lead the field during the season… more »

Program Boosts PE Classes

A look at the UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind initiative, which provides high schools with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art fitness program.

.. more »

One-Sided Advice

A look at using unilateral exercises, which can address issues in asymmetry and muscle activation, leading to better balance and fewer injuries… more »

Nitka In Hall of Fame

Mike Nitka, Director of Strength and Conditioning and physical education instructor at Muskego (Wis.) High School, will be inducted into the NHSSCA Hall of Fame, Class of 2018… more »

A Smarter Return

When it comes to treating an athlete with a concussion, most athletic trainers are focused on return-to-play protocols. Those ahead of the curve are implementing a return-to-learn process, too… more »

Transferable Skills

When constructing workout plans for your athletes, it’s critical that they are designed to transfer to the field or court… more »

Better Rate of Return

A look at how rate of force development (RFD) works and how to use it to help your athletes build explosive strength… more »

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