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Line It Up

In-season training for University of Louisville field hockey has one goal: make sure athletes are ready for game day. Getting a clear shot at achieving it means minimizing injury risk and maximizing performance… more »

Pushing Through

Sleds can be used in the weightroom for many different purposes, including conditioning, muscle building, and sport-specific training… more »

Skating Strong, Part 2

Last week, Strength Coach Brijesh Patel detailed his overall approach to training ice hockey players. This week, he offers details on his preseason plan… more »

Best Tests

Testing athletes can help coaches recognize areas of weakness, set attainable goals, identify talent, and monitor progress. Here’s a look at how to determine what tests to use… more »

Skating Strong, Part I

With the winter season around the corner, it’s time to set up a preseason strength program for your ice hockey team… more »

Change of Mind

After musculoskeletal injury, the brain alters the way athletes process movement. To reset things, athletic trainers must target the brain during rehab… more »

Lower Body Power

The strength coach for the University of Kansas men’s basketball team offers her thoughts on training the lower body… more »

Bi-Lateral Lower-Body Plyometrics

A discussion of plyometric exercises almost always implies explosive and elastic movements that involve the lower body. A visual of an athlete jumping or sprinting is the most common representation of plyometrics, with the muscles... more »

Taking Force Platform Technology to the Next Step

NMP ForceDecks provides hardware and software solutions for integrating dual force platform technology. ForceDecks has taken technology that has historically been almost exclusively used within research settings and made it accessible to S&C professionals, ATC’s, and physiotherapists to use... more »

Accurate, Immediate Performance Feedback

Obtaining objective data on athlete performance can be difficult without the right test equipment. With Swift Performance’s wireless timing gates and jump measurement systems, performance data is captured right on an iPad, allowing coaches to provide immediate feedback and... more »

Collecting Data on Athlete Movement

AMTI’s AccuPower force plates and AccuPower Solution’s software are great mechanisms for examining the characteristics of athlete’s movements by providing coaches a streamlined and efficient process for reliable sport specific data collection, which presents a robust, integrated analysis regarding... more »

Back to Form

After knee injuries cut his previous three seasons short, Memphis Grizzlies’ small forward Chandler Parsons has dedicated the offseason to rebuilding his body… more »

Hip Strength, Part III

Making athletes more explosive can’t happen without proper hip strength. Here’s how to incorporate hip exercises into a full workout… more »

Starting a Curriculum

Although it is a small school, Brock (Texas) High School has recently started offering sports medicine classes to its students.

.. more »

Hip Strength, Part II

Last week, we took a look at why developing hip strength is important. This week, we detail the best exercises to use… more »

Recipe for Success

Mix one part California State University, Northridge Athletics with one part on-campus nutrition and dietetics center, and the finished product is a collaboration that’s benefiting athletes, students, and the broader community… more »

Off and Running

The use of sports science is taking off in strength and conditioning departments. But before getting carried away with data, this roundtable of experts urge coaches to understand what it means first… more »

Armed and Ready

With an offseason strength and conditioning program split into four unique training blocks, Texas Tech University baseball players are primed for the first pitch in the spring… more »

On the Athlete’s Turf

Sombor, Serbia is not a place you would expect to see an NBA rising star training with one of the league’s top strength and conditioning coaches. But that’s exactly what happened this past summer… more »

AT to AD to AT

Many athletic trainers like to take on new challenges. John Chandler, MA, LAT, ATC, is one of them, and in 2001, he made the leap from Head Athletic Trainer at Coe College to Athletic Director. He went on to lead the NCAA Division III program to more than 40 championships in the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and oversaw several significant facility renovations and construction projects… more »

A Leg Up

If only athletic trainers could look beneath the skin and see athletes’ muscle patterns in action, they would know which players had an edge — and which were facing the potential for injury. With new technology from a University of Virginia startup, athletic trainers might soon be able to do just that… more »

Full Body Activation

If you’re searching for a exercise that works multiple areas of the body at once, consider adding the burpee into your athletes’ routines… more »

Change of Mind

After musculoskeletal injury, the brain alters the way athletes process movement. To reset things, athletic trainers must target the brain during rehab… more »

Serve Its Purpose

By focusing on maximal strength and power, conditioning, and competitions, the offseason training regimen for Creighton University volleyball achieves its goal–ensuring the team hits its peak in the fall… more »

Push Forward

To connect with today’s athletes and keep them progressing, strength coaches should provide direction, motivation, and an environment in which they can succeed… more »

Call for Caution

With elite athletes like Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo using stem cell therapy and Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods having received platelet-rich plasma injections for knee injuries, regenerative medicine treatments are making headlines. But are they a good option for youth and adolescent athletes?.. more »

Battling Back

Return to play following an episode of exertional heat stroke should not be taken lightly. There are both physical and mental issues to address… more »

Speed & Stamina

Jeff Connors, a veteran Strength Coach at East Carolina University, offers his ideas on developing speed in football players and how conditioning relates to mental toughness… more »

A Leg Up

Researchers at the University of Virginia are using 3-D renderings of athletes’ leg muscles to assess injury recovery and improve performance… more »

Using Metrics, Part Three

We continue our discussion on sports science in high school training with a look at how to implement new ideas in very specific areas… more »

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