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Introducing power training to young athletes

It’s important to remember that the definition of strength is force X distance, while power, is defined as force X distance divided by time. The difference is the time element. In other words, how fast force can be applied. The term speed strength is often used to describe power… more »

Old School Exercises: Pull-Ups and Dips

Two great exercises that may have lost some of their appeal but are still super productive and effective are pull-up variations and dip variations… more »

Should You Hold Workouts in the Early Morning?

Many teams hold training sessions or regular practice sessions in the early morning hours. Sometimes this is done out of necessity, other times coaches and strength/conditioning coaches believe it’s a good way to instill the value of hard work and determination their athletes… more »

‘Take the Best, Leave the Rest:’ Evaluating your training methods

The title of this blog represents my philosophy of evaluation of training methods. Look for the best in whatever you’re studying, what’s useful and applicable to you and your situation.

.. more »

9 questions to develop your training philosophy

As you develop your training philosophy and methodology, you will be exposed to different ideas. Here are some questions you might ask yourself as you determine if new or different methods are right for your athletes and your program… more »

4 simple exercises that teach athletes to bend

So many times I’d hear coaches say that an athlete had stiff hips. You can remedy that with simple drills that teach your athletes to bend. .. more »

Coaching Humans

I want to start a discussion centered around common sense and training athletes. The two have been like a separated married couple and it’s stressing the kids out. .. more »

Why self-hypnosis is a viable training tool for athletes

 Athletes and their strength/conditioning coaches have always been open to trying new concepts to maximize athletic performance. Mental training has long been a valuable tool that athletes have utilized. There's a variation of mental training... more »

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