Strength & Conditioning

Drive to Succeed, Part 2

Last week, we introduced the strength and conditioning regimen used by the Gonzaga University men’s basketball team. This issue, Coach Travis Knight explains how he designs each year’s program… more »

Athlete Goals

Most people acknowledge that it’s good to set goals. Here are five questions to ask your athletes as you help them set individual goals… more »

To the Mat

Building strength in the weightroom is essential in a physical sport like wrestling. These five exercises should be part of any wrestler’s training program… more »

Extra Inspiration

After their strength coach was hospitalized with a stroke, the boys’ basketball team at Valley Christian Academy, in Roseville, Calif., pulled off an upset victory in his honor.


.. more »

CSCS Needed?

There’s no question that more high schools across the country are opting to hire an NSCA-certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) to enhance their athletic programs. These professionals play a pivotal role in reducing injuries and improving long-term athletic development as well as improving performance and confidence… more »

Extra Inspiration

On January 10, the boys’ basketball team at Valley Christian Academy, in Roseville, Calif., pulled off an upset win over Faith Christian in honor of its strength and conditioning coach, Brian DeFiebre, who recently suffered a stroke… more »

Dynamic Effort

Lifting a submaximal load as fast as possible, known as the dynamic effort method, is common among powerlifters. This strength and conditioning specialist says DEM can be equally beneficial for athletes… more »

Overhead Push

We asked Ed Nordenschild, Associate Athletics Director for Strength and Conditioning/Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports at the University of Virginia, for his thoughts on training upper body strength… more »

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