Oct 5, 2022
ATC Saves Student’s Life at Homecoming Dance with CPR

The quick actions of an Illinois athletic trainer saved the life of a high school senior after she collapsed during the school’s homecoming dance in September.

Nicole Collins, the athletic trainer at Geneva (IL) High School, was chaperoning the school event when senior Bridget Archbold collapsed on the dancefloor.

homecomingCollins was able to notify other chaperones to call an ambulance while she performed CPR, saving Archbold’s life.

A recent story from WGN-TV caught up with both Archbold and Collins to share their story. Below is an excerpt from the WGN-TV story.

“I just felt dizzy and I felt a sort of pressure on my neck,” Archbold said.

“When this occurred, I was actually in front of the gym in the hallway chaperoning,” Collins said. “I just happened to hear the music stop.”

Archbold recalled her principal and dean picking her up and assisting her to the side before she started seizing.

“After about a minute, she stopped,” Collin said. “I went to monitor her vitals. I couldn’t find a pulse.”

Collins, trained in CPR since she was 10 years old, started compressions. A staff member grabbed a defibrillator as the principal cleared the gym.

“I was more focused on her, trying to do what I’ve been trained to do,” Collins said. “You see a kid in an emergency. I was locked in to do what needed to be done.”

After two rounds of CPR, Archbold once again started to breathe.

“I started crying and asked, ‘Did I ruin the dance?’” Archbold said.

Paramedics took Archbold to Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, where she was released later that night. Doctors are still running more tests to determine what caused her seizure, but the high school senior said she is thankful to be back in school and reunited with the woman who saved her life.

To read the full story from WGN-TV about the Geneva ATC jumping into action at a homecoming dance, click here. 

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