Adding variety to in-season training programs

In-season training is often toned down and can be boring and repetitive. So, how do you mix things up keep players engaged? By adding a little variety… more »

Certified Strength: The value of a CSCS

A NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) plays a pivotal role in reducing injuries, enhancing performance and building confidence… more »

9 questions to consider when adapting training programs

Whenever strength coaches are considering altering or adding to their training programs, they should first ask themselves these nine questions… more »

Okay to Go Vegetarian?

Athletes often wonder if cutting meat from their diet will negatively effect their ability to make strength gains. A new review says a plant-based diet can actually benefit athletes’ heart health, performance, and recovery… more »

Focus on neck strength

Rutgers researchers proposed a solution for athletes at higher risk for sports-related concussions, such as football and soccer: Focus on neck strength… more »

Dynamic Effort Method can serve athletes well

The Dynamic Effort Method, or quickly lifting a submaximal load, is a training method typically used by powerlifters. But it also can help athletes… more »

Funding Available

Looking to boost your strength and conditioning program to a higher level? The NSCA Foundation offers grants for equipment and coaching certification… more »

Protein for Recovery

Two alumni entrepreneurs from Clarkson University are helping the school’s men’s and women’s ice hockey teams with their post workout recovery through the development of a new protein drink… more »

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