A Helping Hand

When an athlete injures their hand or wrist, weight training might seem impossible. In fact, there are lots of variations and hands-free exercises they can still perform… more »

Strong Foundation

When working with new athletes at the start of the year, assess flexibility and mobility, and build a program from there… more »

Life Lessons

Coaching is all about practice planning, strategies, and helping athletes excel on the field. However, the best coaches also take time to develop athletes’ life skills… more »

Night Before

There is a lot of advice on game-day nutrition. But what should football players eat the night before a Saturday game?.. more »

Managed Approach, Part 1

Prescribing the right workload in training can make the difference between success and failure for the athlete. To get there, avoid these common programming errors… more »

Mixing Yoga & Football

Yoga can help athletes improve balance and flexibility, and can be a valuable supplement to strength training. Here are the five best yoga moves for football… more »

New on the Scene

Being a new coach is exciting but difficult. Here are some tips on how to make those first few years go smoothly… more »

Back to Basics

When it comes to developing upper body strength, high school strength coach Mike Volkmar likes to go back to the basics, focusing on push, pull, carry, and rotate… more »

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