Required Reporting

The University Interscholastic League (UIL), Texas' governing body for public high school sports, recently announced that the largest schools in the state will be required to report all concussions suffered by student-athletes during competition. It... more »

AT Self-Care: Part 1

How can athletic trainers handle the various stressors of the profession? By taking care of themselves with the same dedication they show athletes… more »

Procedural Failure

If one of your players is transported to the hospital during a road game, do you have a protocol that determines who will stay behind and provide support? Bowling Green State University recently learned that such a policy is necessary… more »

Ending Abuse

The American College of Sports Medicine and the U.S. Center for SafeSport have partnered to end abuse in sports and promote overall athlete well-being… more »

Avoid a Repeat

When muscle cramps plagued Liberty University football players on a tough road trip, coaches, athletic trainers, and nutritionists teamed up to make sure it didn’t happen again… more »

Surgical Breakthroughs

New ideas in ligament reconstruction include 3-D printing ligaments and using iliotibial band tissue in ACL repairs, with both promising potential benefits for athletes… more »

Kickoff Rule Reduced Concussions

Two years ago, the Ivy League changed its football kickoff rules. Since then, researchers say there’s been a significant reduction in traumatic brain injuries… more »

Communication between athletic trainers and parents

Communication paves the path to success. Here are a number of avenues athletic trainers can take to improve communication with parents… more »

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