Eating Out

Between Friday night pizza with friends and stopping for dinner when traveling to away games, high school athletes go out to eat a lot. A few easy tips can help them stick to their nutritional game plans… more »

Ohio high school athlete returns after battle with exertional compartment syndrome

A battle with exertional compartment syndrome threatened to keep Brooke Peters, a senior midfielder for Anderson High School, off the soccer pitch… more »

Study Assesses Risk

New research by the NATA has found that student-athletes at rural and inner-city schools are more likely to have a sports-related concussion that goes un-identified, un-assessed or mismanaged… more »

Treat yourself

Going from the sidelines to being sidelined can be tough when athletic trainers suffer an injury. But as Ewing (N.J.) High School Athletic Trainer David Csillan discovered, it’s the perfect time to practice being a good patient… more »

3 takes on blood flow restriction (part 3)

We’ve covered the benefits of blood flow restriction training and how to practice it safely. Our final installment in this series looks at what’s next for the treatment… more »

Adding calcium to the athlete’s diet

Calcium is essential to a number of systems in the body, not the least of which is bone health. But most athletes don’t get enough calcium in their diets… more »

Princeton Tiger Performance takes a holistic approach

Princeton Tiger Performance integrates strength training, athletic medicine, sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports science and leadership development… more »

Small School Risks

Athletes at smaller high schools are more likely to suffer injuries than their counterparts at larger ones, says this study… more »

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