Injured AT: A time for growth & reflection

When an athletic trainer is sidelined with an injury, it can be a bump in the road. But it can also be an opportunity for reflection and personal growth… more »

Seeing Things Differently: University of Alabama using VR in athlete rehab

Incorporating virtual reality helps athletes view rehab in a new way. At the University of Alabama, it has also increased engagement and commitment to the recovery process… more »

Better Recovery

New research has found that plant-based diets can help improve tissue oxygenation and blood flow, as well as reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby helping athletes recover… more »

Athletic training lessons: A passion for learning

The athletic trainer lives a hectic life. Many responsibilities leave precious little time for growth as a professional, but it should be a priority… more »

Emergency Plan Enacted: A lesson in preparedness

It was the scariest of situations. Matt Stief, a junior defender on the Canisius College men’s ice hockey team, skated into the corner and collided with North Dakota’s Jordan Kawaguchi… more »

Cool Off: Thermal behaviors may differ between genders

According to a new study from the University at Buffalo, men and women may be different when it comes to thermal behaviors… more »

Making Weight: A mean plan for wrestlers

Meal plan recommendations for wrestlers trying to lose or maintain weight during preseason workouts include some of these wholesome foods… more »

Incomplete Picture

When runners have trouble with stress fractures, they might turn to wearables that track foot impact with the ground. However, recent research says these sensors are measuring the wrong thing – leaving athletes vulnerable… more »

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