Tapping into Tendons

A research team at the University of Wisconsin has developed a wearable device that could help with determining return to play following tendon injury… more »

Full Coverage

Up until recently, some high schools in Tennessee’s Hamilton County had access to athletic trainers, but some didn’t. Thanks to a new contract with a local hospital system, every school will receive coverage… more »

Burst of Energy

A lot of athletes are interested in using energy supplements for a pick-me-up. Before they do, they should understand the various ingredients the supplements may contain… more »

New Kind of Coach

To help lower risks and decrease injuries in all sports, Rutherford County (Tenn.) Schools introduced safety coaches to their athletic programs last summer… more »

Worsening Symptoms

As the football season goes on, the severity of reported concussion symptoms increases, says a study from Vanderbilt University Sports Concussion Center… more »

Care During a Crisis

When a young girl experienced a cardiac event on the baseball field, this high school athletic trainer immediately took action. Here, she shares what was going through her mind as she worked to save the victim’s life… more »

Keep Them Posted

Along with pushing athletes to be the best they can at their sport, it’s also important to embrace the concept of education-based athletics… more »

Similar Cause of Tear

Countering the assumption that female athletes tear their ACLs more because their knees move differently, this study says ACL injuries occur the same way in both females and males… more »

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