Managing Sports Nutrition without a Registered Dietitian

By: Lauren Link, RD, CSSD As the field of sports nutrition has evolved, and research shows the importance of optimized nutrition for athletic performance, more and more athletic programs have recognized the important role that... more »

Partnership Produces Drink

The University of Wisconsin recently teamed up with the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research to create a new sports recovery drink for the school’s student-athletes.

.. more »

When healthy turns harmful

Athletes eliminating junk food in favor of fruits and vegetables might sound great. But an obsession with clean eating has a name — orthorexia — and can have debilitating consequences… more »

Family Time

To ensure he had time with his sons despite his long hours as Athletic Trainer at Ewing (N.J.) High School, David Csillan had a lunchtime date with them through their high school years… more »

Fully Hydrated

One of the most important dietary requirements for athletes is staying hydrated. But that can be easier said than done… more »

Serious hydration is available in a flavor

The Right Stuff™ is a NASA-developed electrolyte, liquid concentrate, drink additive for those who work and compete hard and sweat a lot. Although it's based in science, there are some things science can't also solve,... more »

Energy Boost

At Drexel University, student-athletes are being supplied with custom-made energy gels as a result of a collaboration between the athletic department and the school’s College of Nursing and Health Professions… more »

Sports Experts Reveal Competitive Edge Using NASA-Developed Formula, The Right Stuff, in New Video Series

For nearly a decade, experts and athletes at hundreds of professional teams and top-rated colleges across the United States have been taking advantage of the unmatched benefits of NASA-developed, The Right Stuff® hydration drink additive. This week, Wellness... more »

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