Wisconsin’s Finest

State schools are used to thinking locally — after all, a number of their recruits are often found close to home. The University of Wisconsin has discovered there are benefits to looking nearby in other areas, too — namely nutrition… more »

Weight Loss Myths

When athletes are looking to lose weight, they don’t always find accurate information to help them reach goals. Take a look at several myths they should disregard… more »

Self Screening

Do you know an athlete who may be taking healthy eating to the extreme? This self-test includes questions to help identify if they have gone too far and developed orthorexia… more »

Nutritional Support for Injury and Recovery

by Elaine Wanstreet, MEd, RDThe main goals of nutrition during recovery from an injury is to preserve lean mass and strength, promote healing, maintain energy balance, reduce inflammation, and stay on track for projected 'return... more »

Too Much Protein

Although popular among teen athletes, doctors at an Ohio hospital say protein powder consumption isn’t necessary and, in some cases, can be dangerous… more »

Too Much Protein

Doctors at an Ohio hospital have seen an increase in emergency room visits by high school athletes who have consumed too much protein powder.

.. more »

Stony Brook Fueling Station boosts athlete nutrition

A fueling station allows athletes to include fast, nutritious snacks into their schedules. Here’s how Stony Brook University created one within budget… more »

When Healthy Turns Harmful

Athletes eliminating junk food in favor of fruits and vegetables might sound great. But an obsession with clean eating has a name — orthorexia — and can have debilitating consequences… more »

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