Understanding Supplementation: What coaches need to know about the supplement market

{Sponsored} When it comes to your athletes, knowing what types of supplements are going into their body is vital to not only their health, but potentially their eligibility to play in games and participate in... more »

Banned Substance Certification for supplements is vital for athletes

{Sponsored} The detrimental effects of careless supplement use can be severe. Careers, scholarships and reputation are on the line if an athlete takes a contaminated dietary supplement and tests positive on a drug test. Ingesting... more »

Meeting the calcium needs of athletes

Calcium is one of the most critical nutrients for the human body, and it’s especially important for athletes. Here’s what your athletes need to know… more »

To eat organic or not — that is the question

There are many factors that go into an athlete’s choice to eat organic food. Most times, the choice doesn’t come down to just one factor… more »

Analyzing What Athletes Are Made Of

Whether they’re on the field, court, or track, coaches use a mix of art and science to measure their team’s gains. They combine observations with game statistics to figure out where the team needs to improve… more »

Antioxidant Armor: Strategies to keep athletes in the game

With the right diet, athletes can take advantage of antioxidant power to ward off the negative effects that could hinder their performance… more »

Under Control

For athletes with chronic illnesses, proper nutrition can be the key to limiting symptoms and keeping them in the game. Here, three authors share how they used diet to manage Crohn’s disease, PCOS, and an enzyme deficiency… more »

Seeds of Change

Have your athletes expressed an interest in sustainable food practices? If so, it might be time to add some eco-friendly elements to your sports nutrition program… more »

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