Jul 19, 2021
Elite Training Facility Debuts in California For All Levels

Premier global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, along with Proactive Sports Performance, has opened a new $8 million elite training facility, “Proactive Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition,” located in Westlake Village, California.

The 17,000 square foot multi-sport training center provides a high-tech, personalized experience for athletes, including access to physical conditioning, sports rehabilitation, personalized nutrition management, and the Herbalife24 sports performance testing lab.

Photo Courtesy: PRNewsfoto/Herbalife Nutrition

The center will serve a wide variety of professional athletes across numerous sporting disciplines, including talent from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, winter sports (i.e., hockey and skiing), as well as collegiate and high school athletes looking to make it to the next level of their sport*. Data-driven workouts, supported by the advanced technological equipment at the facility and a team of onsite sports performance experts, will help athletes track improvement, compare metrics, and set performance benchmarks, allowing them to continue to improve and evolve their skillset.

“Our investment in this world-class facility, and particularly the performance lab, will give us the opportunity to really understand how our products help to elevate athletic performance and in turn, provide invaluable knowledge to our independent distributors who work with their customers to achieve their own results,” said Samantha Clayton, vice president, Sports Performance and Fitness, Herbalife Nutrition.

The elite training center features a Proactive performance zone, speed lab, therapy and recovery hub, Herbalife24 fueling station, and Herbalife24 sports performance lab. Notable equipment and technology in the facility include the following:

  • Altitude Chamber: Simulates elevations up to 14,000 ft for athletes training to perform in high altitude climates with lower oxygen levels. The chamber, which is one of only three installed in the U.S., is equipped with a variety of premium conditioning tools, including a Boost One gravity-reducing treadmill to enhance conditioning while preserving joint health.
  • BioDex System 4 Pro: Measures limb and muscle strength, for more accurate and effective rehab and training programs.
  • BOD POD Body Composition Analysis Chamber: Determines athletes’ weight and volume to determine body density and calculates body fat percentage.
  • HP Cosmos Gaitway treadmill: Combines synchronized 3D ground forces and pressure distribution analysis, allowing for the highest accuracy of walking and running analysis. This facility has one of two in the entire country.
  • Professional-sized basketball court with in-ground force plate technology: Captures the position of the ball 30 times per second with high-speed cameras which, through the Noahlytics Data Service, analyzes the trajectory and ball position within the rim, assisting players in accurately tracking their shots from anywhere on the court, and providing insight on what precise adjustments need to be made for better shooting percentages.
  • Springbok Analytics: Transforms MRIs into detailed 3D muscle analysis to identify deficient muscle volume, and muscle asymmetries that may lead to potential injury risks or impairments to performance.

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“Our shared philosophy of combining conditioning with nutrition to create personalized training regimens for our athletes, no matter what level they’re competing in, can now reach new heights through the offerings at this new location,” said Ryan Capretta, Founder at Proactive Sports Performance. “With our indoor turf hill, high-end laser technology, motion capture, easy access to customized nutrition, and a pro lounge for recovery — and it’s all under one roof.”

To ensure athletes at the facility have access to the proper nutrition to power their training pre-, during, or post-workout, the Herbalife24 fueling station, overseen by sports dieticians and chefs, will provide made-to-order custom meals, snacks, and beverages, as well as access to the nutrition company’s sports nutrition line.

For more information visit www.IAmHerbalifeNutrition.com, or www.ProactiveSP.com.

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