Jul 27, 2016
Shock Doctor and McDavid Support Athletes with Top-of-the-Line Protection

Healthy feet and ankles key to athlete performance

The sports protection and performance industry is continuing to evolve and grow significantly, and there is a strong demand for technologically advanced products. From Shock Doctor to McDavid, United Sports Brands is continuing to reinvent and reignite the industry with performance apparel and products that give athletes and everyday users a proactive solution to protecting the complex machine of muscles, bones, tendons and tissues.

At Shock Doctor, we’ve innovated new designs, materials and manufacturing techniques used in Performance Sports Therapy™ to provide progressive levels of therapeutic solutions and effectiveness for active people and athletes everywhere, from the weekend warrior to the pro athlete.

Shock Doctor’s 2016 collection includes the Active Ultra insole, which adapts to fit any foot shape and designed for athletes demanding higher impact performance and full-foot alignment through the entire stride. The Adaptive Arch Technology conforms to any foot shape, and the biomechanical contoured design comfortably cradles the foot. The Forefoot and Heel ShockDome™ and Mid-Foot Shockpad absorbs the jarring shocks and can help relieve plantar fasciitis. These features will help support movement and hold off fatigue.

The McDavid brand has been at the forefront of sports medicine advancements, technology and thinking for over 30 years. Our focus remains intensely on bringing every advantage to every athlete via our protection and prevention products. From our market research and consumer feedback, we’ve found that flexibility, durability and breathability are three key components athletes look for in protective gear and apparel.

Two new products introduced in 2016 to McDavid’s wide variety of offerings in the ankle and foot care category include our Ankle Support with Precision straps and Elite Engineered Elastic™ Ankle Sleeve. McDavid’s Ankle Support w/ precision straps provides minor-to-moderate support and relief from pain, swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and sprains. The placement of the precision straps on the ankle support are reconsidered and refined in eco-friendly, breathable materials. This strapping system grips and secures for advanced protection. McDavid’s Elite Engineered Elastic™ Ankle Sleeve is a higher grade and superior designed elastic with flat-knit technology to create a form-fitting, breathable, comfortable and effective support system for the ankle.

Athletes want to be the best in their field and on the field, and United Sports Brands’ Shock Doctor and McDavid brands want to help them be smart about the ways they train and play.

To find out more about Shock Doctor or McDavid, or browse and shop the latest gear, visit ShockDoctor.com or McDavidUSA.com.


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