Jul 18, 2017
Not All Ankles are the Same

The world of ankle bracing and supports can easily be overwhelming to the average athlete, particularly when an athletic trainer or medical professional is not around to guide them.   The list of questions swirling through an athlete’s mind is lengthy:  

“Do I need a brace or a sleeve?  What is the difference?”

“Is rigid right for me?  Will I still be able to move like I need to?”

“Why are there so many options?”

In the sea of different types of ankle braces and supports, the athlete unfortunately tends to default to the simplest level of decision making, thinking “That one has a picture of a soccer player, so it must be right for me” or “That looks like the one I saw my buddy wearing, so it must be good.” More often than not, the result is the athlete chooses the wrong brace and is either dissatisfied or worse yet, injures or re-injures their ankle needlessly.

Active Ankle firmly believes in the concept that not all athletes’ ankles or needs are the same.  In order for an athlete to find the perfect solution for them, having options to choose from is essential.  This is why Active Ankle has developed a full range of ankle braces and ankle sleeve options.

In an effort to help athletes everywhere find the right ankle brace for them, Active Ankle has started to communicate to the athlete in a different way.  Instead of trying to answer far too many questions, Active Ankle is asking two fundamental questions that every athlete can answer:

What is the state of your ankle, i.e. injured, weak/unstable, or normal? And, based on your sport and position, what is your need for mobility?  

The answer to these two questions allows Active Ankle to recommend the right brace or sleeve based on the athlete’s personal need and doesn’t pigeonhole them into a brace because they play a certain sport.

Active Ankle has a wide range of ankle braces, and the information below illustrates how these braces are being recommended to athletes based on ankle state and mobility needs.

To learn more about Active Ankle and their wide range of ankle braces and sleeves, visit: activeankle.com



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