Jan 16, 2024
Exercises to help female golfers

Strength and mobility are two crucial pillars of golf fitness that all golfers should incorporate to improve their game and prevent injuries.

This is particularly important for female players, who have a menstrual cycle and hormones at play as well as other anatomical and physiological differences compared to male golfers.

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A recent story from the Ladies European Tour detailed some exercises for women golfers from golf performance coach and movement expert Liesbeth Pauwels. Below is an excerpt from the Ladies European Tour story.

  1. Glute Activation — This exercise will strengthen your glute muscles, helping to prevent injury in your lower back while increasing speed when swinging the golf club.

    Place the palms of your hands down on the ground and exhale a deep breath, bringing the rib cage down, lifting the pelvic floor muscles, and pressing your heels down with both feet. You should start to feel some core engagement happening here.

  2. Core Stability — While this is a simple-looking exercise, do not underestimate the challenge of it nor get complacent with the fundamentals required.

    For this exercise, you will need two kettlebells. Standing upright, place the kettlebells on either side of both feet. Bending down with your back remaining straight, lift the weights and bring them up standing nice and tall. Repeat for 60 seconds.

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  3. Rotary Power Movement — Bend down making a squat position while bringing the hands down to the side of your hip. Turn and lift upwards replicating a golf swing motion, exploding up and pushing away. You really want to feel that load and explode motion into the hips. Repeat this motion as explosive as possible for 10 times on each side.

To read the full story from the Ladies European Tour about exercises for women golfers, click here. 

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