Aug 29, 2017
Dynamic Stretches for Sports

Achieving dynamic stability of your core muscles is a prerequisite for efficient and effective athletic mobility. If there is insufficient or imbalanced core mobility, then stability, strength, power, speed, and other elements of optimal performance suffer. The dynamic stretch movement patterns in Chapter 7 of Stretch to Win, Second Edition, work from the center of your core out to the rest of your torso and limbs.

What is Dynamic Stretching?

Dynamic stretching uses faster tempos and shorter durations to help you achieve dynamic mobility for vigorous and explosive movement in fitness and sports. Dynamic stretching is usually done as part of the warm-up before training, competition, or other activities. The ground stretches in Chapter 7 focus on dynamic flexibility preparation of the core muscles and the fascia of your lower body and progress to your upper body. The initial focus is dynamic core mobility, and the progression integrates motor control and core stability

Take a look at the Hip Flexors-Torso-Shoulder Stretch

Because this stretch is performed while kneeling, it requires more active core motor control and core stabilization and simultaneous mobilization of your upper and lower core. If you have any anterior knee pain, cushion the knee with a pad or article of clothing to dampen the pressure and prevent pain. Do not perform this if it is painful.


  1. Kneel on one leg with the other leg in front of you and the foot on the floor. Raise one arm overhead and lunge forward over the front leg. Press both hips forward and keep the chest lifted until you feel a stretch in front of the rear hip and in one or both groins (see figure 7.2a).
  2. Gently move the raised arm opposite the hip being stretched to increase the stretch into the torso, shoulder, and arm (see figure 7.2b).
  3. Come out of the lunge by lowering your arm and slightly relaxing your spine as you do a little StretchWave back to the starting position. Finish with a straight spine.

Expand the Net

Make bigger circles with the hips and torso and bigger movements with the arms (see figure 7.2c).


Click here to learn another stretch: the Hip-Spine-Shoulder Stretch.

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