Sports Medicine

The Debate on Cupping as a Treatment Tool

Cupping is a technique for treating muscle pain, soreness and stiffness that has been around for thousands of years; it's mentioned in one of the oldest medical textbooks in the Western world, The Ebers Papyrus,... more »

Consider a Therapy Dog to Help Your Athletes

The Missouri Western State University athletic department recently added a six-month-old Australian Shepard therapy dog, named Myron, as a new member of the staff to help its student-athletes overcome their challenges.Myron was added to the... more »

Solving a Challenge in the Training Room

All of us athletic trainers have some area where we want to improve. It might be because our confidence is low, we haven’t been exposed to too many of those injuries, or curiosity got the best of you… more »

Are Ice Baths Really Effective as Treatment?

Ice baths are often used to reduce inflammation of those sore muscles. They constrict the blood vessels, and this results in flushing the lactic acid out of the tissues and reducing the swelling. If the... more »

When Diagnosis is Elusive

Some injuries are easy to evalute and treat. But what do you do if an athlete presents with symptoms that don’t point to a clear-cut diagnosis?.. more »

Back in the Game

A grisly case of exertional compartment syndrome was not enough to sideline this high school soccer player, as she overcame two surgeries and a six-month rehab to return to the pitch.

.. more »

Teaming Up

With the goal of preventing injuries long-term, two sports medicine clinics in Cincinnati have teamed up to analyze data from 23 high schools… more »

Incomplete Picture

When runners have trouble with stress fractures, they might turn to wearables that track foot impact with the ground. However, recent research says these sensors are measuring the wrong thing—leaving athletes vulnerable. 

.. more »

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