Player Safety

Leading the Charge

After a local athlete died of heat stroke 10 years ago, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association revamped its heat plan. Now, the state is one of the nation’s leaders in heat-related preparations… more »

IHSAA To Offer Insurance

The Iowa High School Athletic Association has put in place a new concussion insurance program for its member schools, following in the footsteps of a handful of other state associations.

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Call to Action

To reduce the number of catastrophic sports injuries in secondary schools, Ewing (N.J.) High School Athletic Trainer David Csillan urges athletic trainers to participate in the Korey Stringer Institute’s Raise Your Rank campaign.

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Injured Player Sues

A former football player for McGill-Toolen (Ala.) High School is suing the school’s athletic trainers, coaches, and administrators for negligence after allegedly suffering traumatic brain injury that has led to “permanent physical, emotional, neurological and cognitive deficits.”

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To Play or Not

With many parents today hesitant to allow their kids to play football for fear of head injuries, two married athletic trainers with a young son weigh in.

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Better Test?

Using a “walk and think” test to assess athletes’ recovery after a concussion may help prevent re-injury down the road. 

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Drops of Data

The best way to individualize hydration is to know what athletes lose in each bead of perspiration. Sweat testing analysis makes this possible… more »

Plan in Motion

With proper communication between all parties, a return-to-learn protocol following a head injury can work smoothly–even when an athlete tries to abuse the process, as this case study shows… more »

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