Sep 11, 2016
Watermelon Juice Hydrates ‘Bama Players

You might expect to see watermelon at a picnic, but not on the football bench. But with its nutrient profile, watermelon juice has been a hit at the University of Alabama among the football players as well as the sports nutrition staff.

A watermelon juice producer gave the university’s sports nutrition staff some samples of their Tsamma watermelon juice during a visit. Along with hydrating, the juice provides nutrients and the taste goes over well with the student-athletes.

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“The players liked it, and of course the nutrition team knew the health benefits would truly help during their fall camp,” Hilary Martin Long, director of business development at Frey Farms, producer of Tsamma juice, told The Packer. “Watermelon consists of 92% water, so you’re getting the hydration, which is what is so important when you’re losing fluids when you’re sweating. What watermelon (also) has is lycopene, arginine and citrulline, and I think those are three powerhouse elements that we really are wanting to educate the consumer on.”

Every bottle of the juice has about 600 milligrams of citrulline and a pound and a half of melon. Citrulline is an amino acid that helps with increasing blood flow. Additional research on potential cardiovascular benefits of watermelon juice is being conducted by the human nutrition and hospitality management researchers at Alabama.

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