Nov 18, 2021
Univ. of Pittsburgh ATC Donating Kidney to Colleague’s Child

A University of Pittsburgh athletic trainer is donating her kidney to save the life of a colleague’s four-year-old son.

Molly Trott has worked with the Panthers since 2018, primarily with the track and field program. Mary Beth George has worked with the Panthers volleyball, gymnastics, and diving teams since 2013.

pittsburghAccording to a recent story from the Pittsburgh Tribune, Mary Beth and her husband have been searching since May for a living kidney donor for their four-year-old son Daniel, who suffers from chronic kidney disease.

As it turns out, Trott, who dedicated her career to helping others get and stay healthy, is a match with Daniel. And on Dec. 7, the Tribune reported, she will donate her kidney to Daniel — just a few weeks shy of his fifth birthday.

“When learning more about the George family, and all that Danny has gone through in his life, I felt I needed to try and help in whatever way I could,” Trott told the Tribune. “I am happy to be blessed with the opportunity to help Danny live a fulfilling life.”

Mary Beth added, “We know the decision to be a donor is not an easy one, and Molly has been selfless and humble through the whole process. We can never repay her for her act of love for Daniel and our family. She will always be a part of our family.”

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Trott told the Tribune she’s always felt compelled to help others.

“In thinking about the potential of (Daniel’s) future years with a new functioning kidney, there was no question about the decision to donate,” she said. “I am excited to watch him grow up, and hopeful to ease some of the challenges the George family has gone through with his CKD diagnosis.”

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