Apr 28, 2016
Three variables when designing a weight training facility

As you plan to build or renovate your school’s strength training room or facility, it’s important to start by focusing on the three most important variables:

1.  The Room or Facility Itself: Look at the total space you have to work with.

2.  Program: What do you as a strength coach need/don’t need or use/don’t use? How do you train your athletes in all sports? How might you want the room to flow?

3.  Budget: Sometimes this is not known.  If you haven’t received a specific budget number to work with, start conservative—you can always add equipment and features if the final figure ends up being larger than planned.

At Samson Equipment, we address all of three of these variables at the beginning of our relationship with a customer.  We believe strongly in the value of shared expertise, and we welcome input from the customer. This collaboration begins before the first piece of steel is even cut. Thanks to innovative three-dimensional design technology, we can create fully customized equipment that satisfies your unique strength-building requirements, right in front of your eyes.

We can work with any budget. We have unlimited design options as well as vendors for different level bars/plates/dumbbells, etc. that all vary in price.

After 30+ years in the business, we’ve built just about anything you can imagine. But if you’ve got an idea that will help your athletes excel, then let’s work together and build a custom piece that accomplishes your goals.


Case Study of the Samson Advantage: Missouri Southern State University. 

Master Strength and Conditioning Coach Troy Jorgensen was recently given the opportunity to not only expand the size of the athletic program’s weight room, but to also replace his equipment with state-of-the-art, customized power racks from Samson.  “The previous program was machine-based, so I had to move all the machines out of the room and pull the old racks out of storage and set the room up based on my style of training,” said Jorgenson.

Samson analyzed the building where their strength/conditioning room is housed, talked to their strength coach in the design phase, and then mapped out each piece of equipment to be installed as part of their renovation. Samson then placed each piece of equipment in the room accordingly to maximize its use by MSUU teams and athletes, and contacted its vendors for flooring/inlaid platforms, bars/plates, etc. while building everything else for the facility.

“When we first started talking about a new facility, I wanted to set ourselves apart from anyone in the country,” Jorgensen said. “I sat down with Brian Schroeder at Samson and told him what I was looking for in our racks, everything I wanted on them to make our room not only look fantastic, but be very functional at the same time. Samson took what I wanted and created a rack that is one of kind—you will not find anything like it in any other facility in the country.

“Every part of our rack is customized for us. The graphics they are doing are incredible and give our room that ‘pop.’ Samson is a great family-run business that is very committed to making durable, functional and good-looking equipment. I couldn’t be happier with how our room turned out thanks to Samson!

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