Dec 21, 2020
Efficacy of Sustained Acoustic Medicine in Treating Sport-Related Injuries

ZetrOZ Systems, developers of the Sustained Acoustic Medicine (SAM) wearable ultrasound, an FDA-cleared bio regenerative medical device, was recently evaluated in a research study published in the Global Journal of Orthopedics Research, which measured the effectiveness of SAM treatment to reduce pain and improve function in athletes in conjunction with traditional therapies following sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. According to the study, the data “confirms the effectiveness of the application of SAM ultrasound in reducing pain as adjunct therapy or standalone therapy.”

Photo: John Martinez Pavliga / Creative Commons

“The study confirms the effectiveness and benefits for home users, both athletes, and non-athletes, who have sustained some kind of musculoskeletal injury,” according to Dr. George Lewis, founder and CEO of ZetrOZ. “The cases referenced in the study indicate SAM’s ability to penetrate deep into muscle tissue and provide relief from pain and injury with regular treatment, helping accelerate the healing process and decrease the time it takes to recover.”

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The study included a case series of 18 professional and collegiate athletes who suffered a musculoskeletal, sports-related injury. The athletes were treated with SAM as supplementary therapy at a specified sports medicine rehabilitation clinic. Regular treatments resulted in ‘reduced pain and improved function across numerous muscles, ligament, and tendon conditions.’ Most of the athletes in the study were able to return to normal activity, including sports, during their treatment period.

The athletes in the study had previously undergone surgeries or were being considered for surgery. By utilizing sustained acoustic medicine as a long-duration continuous ultrasound therapy, users can accelerate the natural process of healing by inhibiting inflammation, increase the rate of tissue regeneration, angiogenesis, and nutrient exchange.

To read the study in full, visit: To learn more about ZetrOZ Systems and the company’s SAM line of products, visit

*This is an issued press release from ZetrOZ Systems. 

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