Sports Medicine

New Rule in NESCAC

To increase safety in football, NESCAC, an NCAA Division III conference, is implementing an experimental rule with kickoffs.

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Pregame Safety Check

A new rule aimed at improving safety requires all South Dakota high school athletic events to be preceded by a medical time-out.

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Seeing Results

Last October, the Seattle Mariners hired Lorena Martin as Director of High Performance to reduce injuries. So far this season, injuries have been cut in half. 

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Real-Time Temps

A look at the use of ingestible thermometers to monitor player temperatures in real time, which the University of Virginia has been using this summer.

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Lessons Learned

Looking back over her 40-year career, there are a few lessons Medfield (Mass.) High School Head Athletic Trainer Maria Hutsick wishes she had learned earlier. She shares them here. 

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Different Result

When a football player at Texas A&M University suffered heat stroke last spring, the sports medical staff quickly modeled the correct reaction, in contrast to the recent actions at the University of Maryland.

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Injured Athletic Trainer

What happens when the person charged with taking care of student-athlete injuries is injured himself? A high school athletic trainer explains how he has managed the situation.

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More Injuries

A first-of-its-kind study shows injury rates are elevated in high schools that don’t employ athletic trainers. 

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