Sports Medicine

Tua Tagovailoa’s innovative ankle surgery

In the leadup to the national championship, much was said about University of Alabama star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s rapid return from ankle surgery… more »

Catching Long QT

A University of Indianapolis football player’s cardiac condition could have ended his playing career—or his life. But thanks to a rigorous PPE process, he is able to stay on the field safely. 

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Shorter Path Back

Louisiana State University football players regularly return from ACL reconstruction in roughly five months. The secret to their success might lie in the method used to repair the damaged ACL.

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When the AT is Injured

Going from the sidelines to being sidelined can be tough when athletic trainers suffer an injury. But as Ewing (N.J.) High School Athletic Trainer David Csillan discovered, it’s the perfect time to practice being a good patient.
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Is IV Use Okay?

A video that showed high school football players receiving IV fluids on a school bus and in a hallway has sparked controversy. Here, members of the medical community weigh in.   

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Ohio high school athlete returns after battle with exertional compartment syndrome

A battle with exertional compartment syndrome threatened to keep Brooke Peters, a senior midfielder for Anderson High School, off the soccer pitch… more »

Debating Smelling Salts

Athletes continue to use smelling salts to provide a jolt during games. But do sports medicine professionals support this practice? 

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Three-Time Comeback

Returning to play after an ACL tear is one of the most difficult tasks an athlete may face. At Creighton University, a men’s basketball player is attempting to come back from his third ACL injury.

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