Sports Medicine

Controlling inflammation, reducing pain and increasing healing (sponsored)

Medical professionals at every level of sport are turning to advanced wound care products to simplify the process of healing athletes… more »

Researchers: Competitive gaming needs new protocols in sports medicine

Competitive gaming athletes have reported issues of eye fatigue, neck and back pain, wrist pain, and cramping, highlighting the need for medical treatment… more »

Safety in the weight room

Safety in the weight room can’t be ignored by strength coaches. Here are some tips to avoid injuries during squats, deadlifts and cleans… more »

$5 million gift allows Children’s National Hospital to open sports medicine center

Children’s National Hospital announced a $5 million gift from Fight For Children to establish a new sports medicine center for children and adolescents… more »

The next frontier of sport — recovery (sponsored)

Dedicated recovery spaces and access to recovery equipment are becoming the standard at high performance organizations… more »

Study: Multisport females have decreased likelihood for knee, hip injuries

The Journal of Athletic Training today released “Sport Specialization and Coordination Differences in Multisport Adolescent Female Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball Athletes” as part of its special thematic issue focused on youth sport specialization… more »

Study highlights ties between specialization and baseball injuries

The Journal of Athletic Training today released “Sport Specialization and Increased Injury Frequency in Youth Baseball Players: A Prospective Study.”.. more »

Study: No link between youth contact sports and cognitive problems

A study found that adolescents who play contact sports are no more likely to experience cognitive impairment, depression or suicidal thoughts… more »

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