Jul 13, 2018
Injury Sharing Proposed

The Big Ten Conference has asked the NCAA to develop a national football injury reporting system. This comes in the wake of a Supreme Court decision that allows states to legalize betting on sports.

According to CBS Sports, the NCAA’s Football Oversight Committee was receptive to the idea, but tabled further discussion of it.

“It would be a modified version of what the NFL has in place,” Gene Smith, Athletic Director of Ohio State University, said of the proposal. “If any of our members have any ideas, we need to get that in place now. I see some of these things being implemented to be pretty simple.”

Smith cited the current NFL injury reporting policy as an example. It requires teams to release three practice participation reports during game weeks, as well as a game status report on Friday and in-game injury reports.

“We don’t know if we want to report as many days as the NFL,” Smith said, “but clearly on Mondays if somebody is injured from Saturday and you know they’re not going to play the following Saturday because they broke their leg, why not just say that?”

Some coaches are reluctant to share information about player injuries. In January, Mike Leach, Head Coach for Washington State University, said he was concerned about what his opponents would do with the publicly disclosed information about his team’s injuries.

“Whatever weaknesses or vulnerabilities that we have as a team, I can’t possibly fathom why I would have any interest in revealing that to my opponent,” Leach said.

Image by Anthony22.

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