Apr 12, 2021
Designed for Success: The Dynamic Fitness & Strength Story

{Sponsored} The American success story shows off the results of grit and tenacity. It’s a reminder that hard work can pay off in a big way. Curt and Tammy Tambornino started out selling trailer balls out of the trunk of their car, finding a way to make business boom in an industry that had no glamour or style. Their American success story doubled when they decided to move into the world of sports. 

As a couple with the connections and the determination to continue to be successful, the Tamborninos realized that they had the tools at hand to launch a new business that would impact student-athletes of all levels and professionals alike. And as a long-time CrossFit practitioner and with friends in the fitness industry, Curt Tambornino saw an opportunity to impact the world of conditioning and strength training in a new way. 

Xmember Weld-Dynamic Fitness & StrengthDynamic Fitness & Strength intentionally started slowly, with the goal of always being able to meet any promises made on lead times, adding staff and space as needed, in order to always exceed expectations. 

By leveraging their existing relationships in raw materials, manufacturing and fabrication, the Tamborninos quickly found success in the world of fitness, becoming a top contender in the industry in under a decade. 

These relationships also helped to create top-tier quality equipment while keeping costs lower. “That’s the benefit of their purchasing power. Even now during this time of COVID-19, watching some of the swings in steel prices right now and our ability to stay in front of all that has been amazing,” said Craig Sowers, vice president of sales at Dynamic. 

Sowers, a former strength and conditioning coach with University of Akron and North Carolina State, joined the Dynamic team in May 2020. By filling the sales and administrative ranks with former coaches, the Dynamic Fitness & Strength team has over 130 combined years of coaching experience. 

For schools, this means that the former coaches they’d work with on a project with Dynamic would be able to delve into the needs of the program and recommend the right equipment. “We want to find out what the program looks like, how the typical flow in the weight room looks like, how many athletes are going through per hour or per session. We come up with a plan together. We focus on really working with the coach to develop these weight rooms. We might give advice and feedback based on our experience, but feedback and advice is useless if we don’t know what their program is,” Sowers said. 


Their most popular rack line, the Ultra Pro series, boasts superior U.S.-made steel and high-end features that professionals need and that will take an amateur’s game to the next level. Including features such as 7-gauge steel for security and strength, hybrid weld and bolt frame for durability and customizations available to ensure the perfect rack can be a reality, the Ultra Pro Rack line is a favorite for all levels, including high school and college or university. 

Ultra Pro Half Rack 700112 - Maroon & Black from Dynamic Fitness & Strength
Ultra Pro Half Rack from Dynamic Fitness & Strength


The customizations aren’t just for the structural elements, though. Laser-cut wraps and connectors are popular; they allow schools to brand their Dynamic Fitness equipment with school names and logos. The powder coat colors are nearly endless, allowing school colors to be part of the rack itself, as well logos included on bench covers, platforms or inlays, plates and even bar caps. The goal is that the equipment is not just high-quality and high-function, but also a way to hype up team spirit during strength and conditioning sessions. 


The process of powder coating the steel is also unique. Dynamic uses a multi-stage pre-treatment process to ensure that the steel is mechanically descaled, has a solid base coat, and spends enough time in the curing oven after the powder coat is applied, giving it a strong and consistent adhesion level to the metal. 

To learn more about Dynamic Fitness & Strength, visit mydynamicfitness.com.

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