Jan 30, 2018
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Athletes perform best when they are well trained, healthy, happy, and motivated. With AthleteMonitoring from FITSTATS Technologies, coaches can better manage workload and recovery strategies, ensuring athletes are trained at their maximum physical and psychological abilities while minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury.

“AthleteMonitoring is a flexible athlete monitoring & data management system that helps sports organizations easily optimize training load, maximize performance, prevent injuries, and manage all their athletes’ data as scientifically, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible,” says CEO and Founder Francois Gazzano.

Offering a complete toolbox of tracking, monitoring, analysis, management, and reporting tools, AthleteMonitoring analyzes athletes’ data and helps coaches detect recovery issues, identify training errors, anticipate fatigue and performance, prevent burnout, or recognize negative effects from external stressors. With the system’s intelligent alerts and ‘how-to-fix’ recommendations, coaches can then use the built-in planning and workload management tools to optimize training load, competition and recovery programs, and safely maximize athlete performance.

Using the latest research on sport illness and injury prevention, AthleteMonitoring incorporates evidence-based risk analysis and uses a best practice approach to immediately alert coaches when an athlete needs attention. Communication is further facilitated between staff, athletes, and administrators through tools such as file sharing, text messaging, a planning calendar, and note keeping. Post-competition feedback tools, psychological screening questionnaires, injury tracking, medical note keeping, and testing and performance tracking modules make AthleteMonitoring a complete solution to maximize teamwork, productivity, and collaboration between all actors of the performance team.

“AthleteMonitoring was designed and is continually enhanced based on direct input of users,” says Gazzano. “Our clients’ include youth sport organizations, high schools, universities as well as world-class professional and Olympic teams from 35 sports and 28 countries. Working with such a wide range of sports and levels forces us to make the system as universal and easy-to-use as possible.”




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