Oct 21, 2016
Pain Relief for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common at any age and can be the result of overuse of a certain area of the body or can be attributed to faulty equipment, improper warmups, or overexertion of the body. When it comes to managing pain related to athletic injuries, look for a brand who has a long history with research and development to ensure the product you use, is designed specifically to treat your injury.

McDavid has been perfecting the SportMed category for more than 35 years, during which time, they have led the industry in innovative thinking. Collections like Cold Recovery for elbow, knee, and ankle pain is designed to be tossed into the freezer and strapped to the joint, while allowing the wearer to remain as mobile as they like, managing minor to moderate pain while reducing swelling, and providing targeted pain relief and support.


Cold Recovery products all feature a removable and reusable custom cold pack. This allows the wearer to have a choice on whether they are just looking for joint support and compression or whether they need the added relief of the cold pack, which will help reduce swelling.


Each Cold Recovery product is designed with McDavid’s exclusive four-way engineered elastic material, which provides compression and stability of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This makes it ideal for acute and chronic injuries. The comfortable, form fitting material enables the wearer to remain active while wearing.


The Cold Recovery collection is just one group of products within the McDavid line that helps with pain relief attributed to sports injuries. McDavid has more than 70 products designed specifically to protect and treat different parts of the body while keeping the wearer as active as possible.

For more information on McDavid products, please visit MCDAVIDUSA.COM.

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