Jan 29, 2015
New Online Forum

A new Web site has been launched to connect athletes, coaches, and athletic trainers of any sport and skill level with each other. Called Community of Sport, it is being presented by Active Ankle Systems, Inc.
Active Ankle Systems, Inc., a leader in high-function ankle supports for the athletic industry, has launched a new resource dedicated to passionate athletes everywhere. Located within Active Ankle’s newly-designed website, www.activeankle.com, Community of Sport is designed for athletes, coaches, and athletic trainers seeking a place to post and share information with others who share a passion for their sport. The online community features links to photo galleries and interactive forums for participants to ask questions and share opinions, stories, advice, and other sports-related information.

Visitors will also find a wealth of information in the Ankle Health section of the Active Ankle website, including ankle brace fitting instructions, injury treatment and prevention information, and independent research studies.

“At their core, we know athletes are driven by a passion for their game–and fueled by enthusiasm of others who share that passion,” said Glen Snow, Active Ankle’s National Sales and Promotion Manager. “If an athlete wants to share the glory of a last-second buzzer beater, the disappointment of a close loss, or an amazing photo from the field – this is the place to be.”

Community of Sport is user-friendly, straightforward, and easy to navigate. There is also an opportunity for users to suggest improvements and ideas of what they wish to see there in the future. Athletes and others interested in participating in the forum are asked to sign-in as members.

“The athletes and enthusiasts visiting Community of Sport own it,” added Snow. “Whether you’re a professional volleyball player with an awesome story, a college-level baseball player seeking advice, a [athletic] trainer who needs a peer forum, or a weekend warrior, Community of Sport is for individuals in every corner of the sporting world.”
To learn more and experience Active Ankle’s Community of Sport, please visit: www.activeankle.com.

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