Aug 11, 2016
Flywheel Training: A versatile approach.

Two Ways The Versapulley Can Help Your Athletes Perform Better

Two benefits of inertia fly wheel training. Training for true strength –

Flywheel training applies explosive forces on muscles across multiple planes, by way of accelerating, stopping and decelerating a flywheel. These forces applied to the athlete apply a more realistic training approach while mimicking forces generated on court or field where an athlete has to rapidly speed up, stop and change direction in a split second. Training for Reactive Strength is the first way inertia fly wheel training can help your athletes thrive.

Secondly, flywheel training can help an athlete have less injuries when training with eccentric loading. Frequently an athlete gets injured due to power imbalances where the athlete cannot handle the eccentric (deceleration) load. The VersaPulley provides the athlete training in both the concentric and eccentric force. The flywheel technology doesn’t allow the athlete to pull more than they can handle by matching the force of the eccentric load. As far as injury prevention, eccentric exercise is a well- accepted treatment for tendinopathies as well. There is no pounding of any joints with the fly wheel, which makes it a great tool to use year around.

Adding inertia fly wheel training to your arsenal will not only prepare them for game time, but will help safeguard them from common injuries caused be sudden change in direction.

Here are two movements that can be applied to any work out.

1. Push Bar

• Press variation start with staggered stance. Pivoting off back foot. Rotate hips through, driving through right arm to extend.

• Pressure is developed through shoulders, core oblique’s down through hips and into legs.

• This is a total body movement. Pressing motion.

• Creates force driving forward – the flywheel stores the energy applied to it, then having to react to that force and slow down for the change of direction.

2. Bear Crawl

• Get on all fours. Driving feet into ground. Always constant tension on cord. Extend and drive forward, digging and driving extending forward until reaching end of extension.

• Flywheel will reverse and pull back – matching all force applied.

• Movement ideal for wrestlers, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, football players – driving through opponent, blockers for the tackle.

• Squat variation. Uses different plane – on all 4’s. Explode out horizontally the inertial flywheel reacts and pulls back into squat.

Repeat 6-8x.

Absorb, load and explode the inertia flywheel provides patented acceleration / deceleration loading.

To watch video illustrations of the exercises, go to the VersaClimber YouTube Channel:



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