Apr 21, 2020
Eddie Hall shares 3 tips for improving deadlift technique

Former World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall knows a thing or two about performing the perfect deadlift. As the current world record holder for the heaviest deadlift, moving 1,100 pounds of weight back in 2016, Hall has a strong understanding of the inner workings of executing a proper deadlift.

In a new YouTube video, as highlighted in a recent article in Men’s Health, Hall gave three pieces of advice that could have huge impacts in terms of improving their stability and maximizing their lifting performance.

Photo: Deadliftasylum / Creative Commons

“I actually think [deadlift] is one of the most technical out of the squat, the bench, all the other exercises,” he says in his YouTube video. “You get one foundation wrong, and it completely goes to s–t.”

First, he outlined the importance of foot positioning saying his feet are typically shoulder-width apart, plus an inch or so. Additionally Hall said to lock the feet straight forward as opposed to them facing outwards.

“Create that foundation, and that’s when you can put as much power as you can through the heels,” he said.

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Hall goes on to give tips on proper grip and bar positioning in relation to the body.

“If you’re gripping it too narrow, you’re still making the lift a lot harder for yourself, because you’re fighting against your own muscle mass,” he explained. “…Does anybody ever notice that the second rep of a deadlift is always easier than the first rep? It’s closer to your body 9 times out of 10. What that tells me, if your first rep isn’t easier than your second rep, is that your technique is s–t.”

To read the full story on Men’s Health, click here. And to watch Hall’s video on his YouTube channel, click here

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