Feb 2, 2021
3 Kettlebell Exercises to Build Strength

Kettlebell workouts have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, perhaps due to the rise of CrossFit.

A cast-iron cannonball shape with handles, a kettlebell comes in various weights and can be incorporated with lunges, lifts, and shoulder presses among others. These types of workouts have been said to burn up to 20 calories per minute — the equivalent to running a six-minute mile.

The regimen originated from Russian farmers to test their strength but now is used in gyms across the globe to build strength and stamina.

Photo: Jeff Ozvold / Creative Commons

A recent post on BoxRox.com shared nine exercises to use to build strength with kettlebells. Below is an excerpt from that story.

  1. Renegade Row — these engage your shoulders and whole core.
    • Start in a plank position on two kettlebells.
    • Do a push up while holding the handlebars of the kettlebells.
    • When you are in the plank again, shift your weight on either side. push that hand down
    • Lift up the kettlebell that is on the other side and lift it up to your chest, like a row
    • Put the kettlebell down and do the same for the other side, with a push up in between.
  2. Man Maker — a complex exercise consisting of push-ups, renegade rows, cleans, and thrusters.
    • The same start as with the renegade row, in a plank/push up position with two kettlebells under your arms. Shoulders should be right over the kettlebells, it makes the movement easier.
    • The same movement do the push-up and then lift one kettlebell up to your body. Put it back down and repeat for the other side.
    • Jump with your leg towards the kettlebell, while still holding onto them.
    • With a straight back, clean the kettlebells up to the front rack position.
    • Perform a thruster, squat down and as you stand up, use the hips to get the kettlebells over your head.
    • Go the same way back and put the kettlebells on the floor, don’t drop them.
    • Jump your legs back into plank, and then you have done one Man Maker.
  3. Turkish Get-Up — one-handed movement that engages the whole body
    • Start lying down with the kettlebell over you pressed up
    • The knee on the same side must bend up
    • Raise yourself up on the other elbow, raising the kettlebell even higher
    • Raise yourself onto the extended arm, keep it close, always keep a straight line from the kettlebell to the ground, through the body.
    • Take the straight leg and bring it to a kneeling position behind you
    • Lift the arm from the floor and then you are kneeling
    • Stand up from the kneeling position and still with the kettlebell in a raised hand with a locked elbow.
    • The same way down, to a kneeling position,
    • Arm on the floor
    • Bring the leg in the front
    • Elbow on the ground
    • Lay down

To read the full story from BoxRox.com on the remaining six kettlebell exercises to incorporate into your workout, click here

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