Jan 19, 2021
14 Minnesota Kids Collapsed Wearing Masks During Practice

A survey by Let Them Play MN has found that more than 2,5000 Minnesotans reported their child or themselves have experienced dizziness and shortness of breath while wearing masks, according to a report from KCTV-5 CBS.

The survey took place from January 4 through January 11 and also found that 14 kids collapsed and 11 needed emergency care, according to the report.

Photo: Wesley Sykes / Great American Media Services

In the survey results, students, coaches, and parents could leave anonymous comments. One student shared, “Very difficult to breath and I personally feel claustrophobic and have some panic breathing/shortness of breath.”

A Minnesota coach posted in the survey, “As a coach, I see daily how much these kids are struggling … wearing a mask while doing a full-out run through or during competition [a time period of about 5 minutes] I feel it is extremely dangerous and the risks of wearing the masks outweigh the benefits.”

KCTV-5 CBS spoke with Maple Grove High School basketball players, like Kylie Baranick and Josh Giuliani, about wearing a mask during training and competition.

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“It’s been a big factor, but these past two weeks we’ve been practices, we’ve been conditioning with them on and it’s getting easier each day,” Baranick told KCTV-5 CBS. “I’m willing to do anything right now to play, so if we have to wear masks to play, we’re willing to do it.”

“Obviously the mask is a little problem, but if that gets us to play, that gets us to play,” Giuliani told KCTV-5 CBS. “It’s a lot harder to breathe, Some masks are better than others, but hopefully most of our team is used to it so we can go into our first game, hopefully not having it as a problem.”

To read the full story on the issues student-athletes are having in Minnesota with mask-use during athletic competition from KCTV-5 CBS, click here

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