2017 November (Volume XXVII, No. 08)

A Healing Hand

For athletic trainers, keeping athletes healthy and/or getting athletes back to their sport after an injury is the name of the game. Here are some products that can assist with injury prevention and speed the recovery process… more »

Better Together

The Coastal Carolina University baseball program recently revamped its structure to unite the coaches, athletic trainers, and strength staff. The result? A collaboration that has reaped rewards on and off the field… more »

Beyond the Weightroom

If you stepped inside the Xavier University strength and conditioning facility during the men’s basketball team’s workouts this past summer, you wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Players are working hard, and Matt Jennings, MS, MSCC, now in his ninth year as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, is encouraging them on… more »

Camp ACL

High school athletes spend countless summer hours in camps and clinics improving their sport-specific skills. But all that work will mean little if they are sidelined by an ACL tear. That’s the reasoning behind the Sportsmetrics injury prevention summer camps that are gaining popularity nationwide… more »

Going Pro

The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City is well-known for its work with professional athletes. Its physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists are often on the cutting edge of returning high-profile competitors back to their sport. This past summer, HSS decided to pool that knowledge together for one day at the first HSS Professional Sports Medicine Conference… more »

In Top Form

To help athletes reach their physical peak, you can’t neglect upper-body strength. From pushing to pulling and everything in between, this roundtable of experts covers effective training strategies for the chest, back, arms, and core… more »

Leading the Way

By promoting fresh foods, nutrient timing, and healthy body composition, the University of Colorado is ahead of the pack in keeping its distance runners fueled optimally… more »

Line It Up

In-season training for University of Louisville field hockey has one goal: make sure athletes are ready for game day. Getting a clear shot at achieving it means minimizing injury risk and maximizing performance… more »

On-Screen Appointment

What happens when an athlete gets injured, but their school doesn’t have an athletic trainer on-site to treat them? Missouri high schools now have a solution for this problem — athletes can simply pull out their smartphones and video chat with a sports medicine clinician. It’s part of a new virtual athletic trainer program offered by the Cox Health network… more »

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