2016 October (Volume XXVI, No. 07)

All Ears: Professional development for athletic trainers

From conferences to colleagues, there are myriad professional development resources that athletic trainers can use to grow in the field… more »

Concussion Course for Docs

When it comes to concussion management, both athletic trainers and doctors want student-athletes to return to play safely. But these two groups don’t always see eye-to-eye on the best way to achieve this, due in part to some physicians not being up-to-date on proper head injury treatment… more »

Down the Line

Bigger might be better for college football linemen in the trenches, but packing on the pounds after graduation can cause future health issues. To get its senior linemen focused on lifelong wellness, Dartmouth College holds an annual post-season weight loss competition… more »

Heart of the Matter

Last year, Clarence Kennedy, a freshman wrestler for Adrian College, received a routine heart test as part of the athletic department’s “Student Heart Check” program. However, his results were anything but routine… more »

Looking to Score

After injured Florida Gulf Coast University athletes experienced results with off-site platelet-rich plasma therapy, the sports medicine staff sought to expand that success by providing it on campus… more »

Protecting Pitchers

How many pitches should a high school baseball player throw before resting his arm? And how much time off is needed before getting back on the mound? Each state association will be required to answer those two questions in the next few months, thanks to new NFHS rules passed in July… more »

Summer Internship

In his role as Strength and Conditioning Coach and Defensive Coordinator for the Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School football team in Bamberg, S.C., Corey Crosby has been an integral part of the team’s 84-20 record over the past eight years. While he continues to improve the team, he’s also constantly searching for ways to improve himself… more »

Swing for the Fences

A fall offseason strength and conditioning program centered on developing team culture, whole-body power, and speed has Texas A&M University baseball players ready to knock it out of the park come spring… more »

What’s Next?

To physically prepare Montverde Academy athletes for success at the college level, this strength and conditioning coach takes a three-pronged approach to their training… more »

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